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Health Club Management
2020 issue 2

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Leisure Management - Physical Company: Top of the class

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Physical Company: Top of the class

Class Boutique Fitness has collaborated with Physical Company to create a boutique studio offering that’s as inclusive as it is effective

The Evo Bench helps Class Boutique Fitness to create interesting classes

Where most boutique studios operate within a niche, we approached things from a different perspective,” says Rob Suchet, founder of Class Boutique Fitness in Bath, UK.

“Rather than focusing on just one form of activity, we looked at what humans need in order to achieve the broadest range transferable fitness – that is, fitness we can use in our everyday lives. And the answer, of course, is that we need variety in our workouts.”

The boutique club, which opened on 18 February 2019, was therefore designed around a culture of movement and health, offering both yoga and HIIT classes – restorative yin and dynamic yang – alongside healthy nutrition in its HealthBAR café.

Going Upper Class
Of the 55+ classes offered each week, eight are labelled ‘Upper Class’ to denote a lower impact option for older adults and those new to exercise.

“We don’t want anyone to feel patronised or as though we’re trying to create easy workouts for them,” says Suchet. “Neither do we want them to think they can’t go into the other classes if they prefer. However, we felt it was really important to properly cater for older adults: this is a group of people who can benefit from exercise more than any other age group.

“Above all, we wanted Class Boutique Fitness to be an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome, and we really do have all ages and abilities in every class: our membership base is about 30 per cent under 40, 50 per cent aged 40–60, and 20 per cent over 60 years.

“We also have a special offer for those aged 60 and over, whereby they get their first month free. To date, 70 per cent have gone on to become members.”

Personalised service
Suchet continues: “We worked with Physical Company on our HIIT studio, where our Turn & Burn classes offer both cardiovascular and resistance training in just one workout.

“We wanted people to have all the kit they needed immediately to hand, and when I discovered the Evo bench – an inclinable bench with integrated storage – I knew I’d found the answer. We went for the fully-stocked model which holds 2–12.5kg dumbbells, 8kg and 12kg kettlebells, a slam ball, battling rope and two resistance bands. It means we have a huge range of exercises at our disposal, which allows us to create really interesting classes.”

He adds: “Physical Company also supplied Ecore Bounce 2 flooring, a top-of-the-range product that has all the functionality of impact flooring, with rubber backing to protect the joints and absorb noise, but with a wood finish that’s in line with our premium design.

“Working with Physical Company gave us the perfect combination of great products and personal service.”

To find out more, visit: www.physicalcompany.co.uk Tel: +44 (0) 1494 769222

Rob Suchet
"We don’t want anyone to feel patronised or as though we’re trying to create easy workouts for them" - Rob Suchet, Class Boutique Fitness

Originally published in Health Club Management 2020 issue 2

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