29 Mar 2020 World leisure: news, training & property
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Health Club Management
2020 issue 2

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Leisure Management - Product Innovation


Product Innovation

Lauren Heath-Jones rounds up the latest product launches in health and fitness

Lauren Heath-Jones, Leisure Media

Patented Rotators Shield proven to rehabilitate rotator cuff injuries, says Alex Klein
Alex Klein

Personal trainer Alex Klein has partnered with lawyer and entrepreneur Raj Umayavan Yadhunanthanan to create the Rotators Shield, a weighted plate that is designed to rehabilitate the rotator cuff muscles and deliver a full-body workout.

The shield features a patented design, with grip handles at the centre of the plate rather than the sides. This encourages central placement of the wrists and isolates the exercise by creating resistance, making the weight feel heavier than it actually is, due to the gravitational pull on the outer wrists.

Users are able to attach additional weights around the outside of the plate, to create an unbalancing effect, that can be used for rehabilitation exercises.

"The idea for the Rotators Shield came when I was working with a client with rotator cuff issues" - Alex Klein

“The idea for the Rotators Shield came when I was working with a client with rotator cuff issues who was unable to perform the overhead work that I’d planned for the session,” says inventor Alex Klein.

“Providing the rotator cuff isn’t torn, the Rotators Shield has been proven to rehabilitate a rotator cuff injury back to fitness,” Klein adds.

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The Rotators Shield encourages central placement of the wrists
Dan Wille introduces Life Fitness’ on-demand workout library for cardio equipment
Dan Wille

Fitness equipment manufacturer Life Fitness has launched Life Fitness On Demand, a digital library offering a wide range of fitness classes, exclusive to its range of touchscreen cardio equipment.

The classes, lasting between 10 and 40 minutes, are designed to cater to users of all fitness levels and offer a range of difficulty levels, coaching styles and even music genres. They are taught by a group of elite instructors, which includes Lauren Bustos, Kenneth Ferrer and Mary Onyango.

“We’re thrilled to offer on-demand classes on a full line of cardio-equipment,” says Dan Wille, global VP of marketing and product development at Life Fitness.

"Our priority is to help our customers keep their exercisers satisfied" - Dan Wille

“Our priority is to help our customers keep their exercisers satisfied. With the introduction of Life Fitness On Demand, exercisers can have an engaging cardio experience on a variety of equipment.”

The classes were developed in partnership with production studio NEOU, a New York-based production studio, who shot the workout classes in high-definition at its studio in midtown Manhattan.

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The on-demand classes are taught by elite instructors
Tribe Sports ‘treads lightly on the planet without compromising on style’, says Emma Reid
Emma Reid

Tribe Sports, a UK-based running apparel company, has launched its Core range, a collection of high-performance running attire made from 90 per cent recycled materials. The Core range was created in response to the results of a survey, carried out by the brand, that found that 68 per cent of 2,852 runners surveyed said they wanted their kit to be made sustainably and from recycled materials.

The seven-piece collection was developed specifically with sustainability in mind and uses several sustainable fabric innovations, including Econyl, a regenerated nylon made from plastic waste collected from the oceans and landfill.

It consists of both men’s and women’s wear, with a t-shirt, race shorts and running tights for men, and a racer vest, running shorts, t-shirt and running tights for women. The pieces are lightweight and soft and designed to allow for dynamic and unrestricted movement.

"By making tangible changes to the way we run our business and produce our clothing, we’re able to address environmental issues head-on" - Emma Reid

Emma Reid, Tribe Sports MD, says: “We wanted to provide runners with sustainable running gear that treads lightly on the planet without compromising on performance, comfort and style.”

“By making tangible changes to the way we run our business and produce our clothing, we’re able to address environmental issues head on. It’s a big step, but we’re confident we can produce the best performance running apparel on the planet, while we also tackle the key environmental issues.”

The brand has announced that it is set on becoming the UK’s first 360-degree sustainable running brand.

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Fabric made from plastic waste is used
Auster System ‘surpasses expectations in both aesthetic and experience’, says Andrew Siu
Andrew Siu

Auster, a supplier of premium bodyweight training equipment, has launched a new modular functional training system, called the Auster System, that combines dynamic resistance training with gymnastic exercise and traditional suspension training.

The system consists of a special anchor, the Auster Anchor, that features a patented dual-carabiner, that connects to the different training components.

It’s designed so that the training attachments can be easily connected and disconnected, and also enables a level of customisation, with operators and trainers being able to choose from power straps, dynamic bands, and power rings to create numerous exercise options.

Auster CEO Andrew Siu says: “As the manufacturer of TRX for more than 10 years I wanted to create equipment that surpasses user expectations in both aesthetic and experience.”

"Auster is a brand with innovation at its core" - Andrew Siu

“The Auster System is an unlimited functional training tool combining some of the most exciting fitness disciplines popular today. Auster is a brand with innovation at its core,” he adds.

The Auster System starts at £35 for the anchor and is available in 10 colourways, while the attachments and adjusters are made from aerospace-grade aluminum, to prevent rusting and discolouration.

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Various training attachments connect to an anchor

Originally published in Health Club Management 2020 issue 2

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