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Spa Business
2019 issue 4

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Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone’s new Sublime Skin additions tackle menopausal skin and hyperpigmentation, says Barbara Gavazzoli

The new facial features empathic touch techniques
A nutridermatologist and hormone health specialist helped develop the products

Throughout life, the skin’s demands become more complex. At the point of menopause, women experience accelerated ageing leading to dry, thin and dense-less skin and face the consequences of the build-up of chronic sun exposure which causes dark spots, wrinkles and loss of tone. Italian skincare brand Comfort Zone tackles the effects of both of these with the latest additions to its Sublime Skin range – a facial and four products developed by the internal R&D team with the support of hormone health specialist Dr Alyssa Burns Hill and nutridermatologist Dr Maria Bucci.

Not only do women experience physical symptoms in the menopause, such as mood swings and hot flushes, their skin is also at a unique stage of fragility. Inefficient cellular communication influenced by the drop in oestrogen levels leads to lack of structure and density in the skin. Slower regeneration of collagen and elastin, in combination with compromised vitamin D synthesis, also means the skin becomes thin and especially delicate. Sublime Skin’s 50+ Oil Cream and Oil Serum are formulated with the brand’s exclusive Cell-Support TechnologyTM and rich and nourishing abyssinian seed oil to provide protection and enhance regeneration. For day use, the Oil Cream gives the skin immediate comfort, encourages collagen production and provides a protective barrier. As an overnight treatment, the Oil Serum stimulates cellular regeneration to combat dry, thinning skin.

Uneven complexion and skin tone are one of the main concerns that come with ageing, and although hyperpigmentation can be actualised by many factors, sun exposure is a lifetime foe that marks the skin with dark, sporadic spots. Inflammation is the mechanism that causes melanogenesis, meaning the skin provides extra melanin as a defence which appears in an accumulation on the skin. To prevent the formulation of spots, it’s crucial to integrate a daily SPF into the beauty routine. Sublime Skin Color Perfect is an SPF 50 with a delicate texture that illuminates and restores an even skin tone, acting as a base for makeup. Meanwhile, Dr Bucci says the Sublime Skin Corrector, with its exclusive Tri-white complex, imitates the Kligman Triad dermatology method to treat spots saying it “acts on several levels, for example the inflammatory part, the exfoliating part and depigmenting part”.

Barbara Gavazzoli, Comfort Zone’s education and communication director concludes: “We support women in regaining their beauty and confidence with innovative and effective skincare solutions.”


Barbara Gavazzoli
"We support women in regaining their beauty and confidence with innovative and effective skincare solutions" - Barbara Gavazzoli

Originally published in Spa Business 2019 issue 4

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