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2019 issue 4

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Leisure Management - Starpool - Star quality

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Starpool - Star quality

Wellness expert, Starpool, is known for offering complete wellness solutions with Italian design flair, enabling operators to create world class treatments and experiences

Starpool CEO, Riccardo Turri: constant search for quality
For 45 years, Starpool has been crafting wellness solutions on a global scale.
Starpool recognises individuality and can accommodate a range of customer needs.

The spa of the future will be tailored to the needs of people searching for spaces that instil emotions that enhance personal wellness.” says Starpool CEO, Riccardo Turri.

The company offers a wide range of services for designers and specifiers, including spa equipment, consultancy, training and support.

Starpool’s DNA is based on creating customer journeys and treatments that are delivered via three main elements: heat, water and rest. “This formula, with its ancient origins, is the true essence of every Starpool spa,” says Turri.

The company starts from the assumption that wellbeing experiences revolve around the person, their expectations and their needs.

“Achieving wellbeing means re-appropriating the ability ‘to be well’ in multiple aspects of life,” says Turri, “from nutrition to physical activity and from the environment in which we live, to the way the mind copes with the tensions and stresses to which it is exposed.”

Quality ethos
Starpool focuses on producing technically crafted products to ensure optimum performance. These are characterised by attractive design with pure lines and a focus on technology and functionality.

The company also has an absolute commitment to quality, with a team of professionals involved in developing spa projects.

“We’re the only company in the field that guarantees a 360° service, not only creating high-level products and spa fit-outs, but also offering everything from constant after-sales care and spa therapist training to marketing and communication support,” says Turri.

Services are delivered by the starpool_activities team, which supports customers in the creation of new spas with the Starpool signature – an ambience that provokes emotion, through both architectural features and equipment.

The team also advises on all aspects of operation, from hygiene to safety and from professionalism to entertainment, making the starpool_activities service a real bonus for clients.

Comprehensive range
When outfitting spas, it’s necessary to choose products that best suit the project and meet technical and performance goals.

Starpool offers a wide range, from steam baths, heat baths, saunas and salt products to reaction baths, sensory baths, Kneipp treatments and water and beauty equipment.

Combining innovation and industrial capabilities with the philosophy of the atelier, Starpool can satisfy the needs of all customers, from standardised products to those built to specific customer needs and in a variety of styles, from modern to classic.

R&D is a priority
The Starpool R&D team conceives and develops the best solutions, patenting new prototypes – the company has numerous registrations for its industrial designs, highlighting its capacity for innovation.

In 2018, Starpool announced a world’s first, making saunas and steam baths available in five different colourways.

“Colour is a fascinating tool that’s still largely unexplored,’’ says Turri “Now architects and interior designers can choose a customised heat solution that’s colour-based, making it stylish and emotional at the same time, transforming the outcome and opening up exciting possibilities in terms of design freedom.”

The birth of SP.A_SYSTEMS
Born in 2013, the SP.A_SYSTEMS range is the result of in-depth R&D which has been carried out by a team of spa and sports medical experts.

The concept is based around four customer journeys, each of which is customised to deliver a personalised wellness experience.

Four coloured wristbands are available – one for each path. Called Excite, Purify, Tonic and Relax, they’ve been designed to satisfy four specific wellness desires: to energise, purify, tone and relax.

The wristbands show the right sequence for using the equipment and the time to spend in each. The system also assists guests in the correct use of wellness equipment, while at the same time, allowing them to personalise their own wellness journey.

In addition, Starpool has created sp.a_system self-treatment, the first cosmetic products kit for the spa, to be used during the wellness experience.

Starpool’s goal is to be able to exceed the expectations of designers, architects and operators, enabling them to create immersive, engaging and healing experiences. As Turri concludes: “We express our passion for the culture of wellbeing through the design and constant search for quality of our products and services”.

Regeneration for body and mind
While undertaking a scientific study in 2016, Starpool identified the need for relaxation as one of the main reasons people chose to spend their time in a spa
Technically crafted products with attractive design and pure lines

Research established that floatation creates the purest and deepest form of relaxation, by significantly reducing levels of cortisol in the body and Starpool decided to establish an internal division of the business entirely focused on float systems, with a special focus on dry floatation.

As a result, the Zerobody and Nuvola Experience solutions were born, with the aim of offering more versatile, easy-to-use solutions, when compared to traditional ‘wet’ floatation tanks, which immerse users in salt water.

The Zerobody system has been designed for use in three sectors: the hospitality market, the corporate wellbeing sector and the sports industry, where it’s deployed to help with muscle recovery.

Nuvola Experience has been created for the beauty sector, where it boosts the effectiveness of aesthetic treatments, revolutionising the business model of beauty centres.

Dry floatation solutions
Many of Starpool’s products are patented designs

Originally published in Spa Business 2019 issue 4

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