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2019 issue 1

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Leisure Management - Nuvola - Journey of the senses

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Nuvola - Journey of the senses

Floatation therapy has been shown to help with everything from stress and concentration to sleep quality, but many spas don’t have the space to offer it. Starpool’s Nuvola Experience is a dry floatation therapy system with a small footprint. Stella Rossi explains more

Stella Rossi works in Starpool’s marketing department
Experiences include the Battista trolley, Nuvola Floating Bed and Soffio massage bed
Floatation therapy has a wide range of benefits, both physical and mental, and dry floatation means clients don’t get wet

Can you tell me about Nuvola – what is it and how does it work?
The Nuvola Experience opens up a whole new dimension in aesthetics, combining beauty and wellness with a relaxing, sensual treatment. It’s made up of three different elements:
• The Nuvola bed is a zero-gravity dry floatation bed with coloured lights, adjustable temperature and hydro massage.
• Soffio is a sophisticated massage bed with water mattress and a gentle wave effect that ripples up the body.
• Battista is a multi-purpose wheeled trolley with Kneipp-style hot and cold compartments.

These three elements, used together, create a holistic experience that combines the physical and psychological benefits of a floating treatment with hot tub and contrasting heat treatments – all with no direct contact with water. It’s an unforgettable journey of the senses.

What is the relationship between Nuvola and Starpool?
Nuvola is one of the three brands of Starpool’s Dry Floating Division, which also includes Zerobody and RestArt. Products are conceived and created within a company that has been a leader in design, production and installation of luxury spas for 40 years, and are made in Italy.

What are the benefits of dry floatation therapy?
Floatation has a wide range of benefits, both physical and mental. It reduces joint and muscle pain, improves athletic performance, provides lactic acid drainage, reduces blood pressure, helps with spinal column distension, and aids in breathing rhythm. Mentally, it helps with concentration and introspection, reduces stress, increases serotonin, and can even help with sleep quality. Dry floatation can provide the same benefits as traditional water floatation in a shorter time – and without the need to get wet.

How can Nuvola helps spas grow their business?
Nuvola gives the benefits of “hot + cold reaction + rest” without the need to invest in traditional spa equipment like saunas, steam baths and ice fountains; spas only need 25sq m to dedicate to the Nuvola system.

We provide a turnkey solution for everything from a small beauty centre to large resorts and fitness centres. Our dry floatation therapy is a great add-on to a spa’s existing treatments, and prepares the body before a scrub, massage or mud treatment – meaning the customer will see the greater results.

We provide full training, along with a ‘Book of Rituals’ – a manual with fast, effective procedures that can be used to train any additional new staff. We also provide a full marketing kit with banners, displays, gift cards and promotional flyers, as well as a ready-to-use spa menu.


Originally published in Spa Business 2019 issue 1

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