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Health Club Management
2018 issue 11

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Leisure Management - Physical Company Ltd

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Physical Company Ltd

Evo Bench offers an innovative, flexible training solution that’s ideal for smaller and boutique spaces

Evo Bench is ideal for use with personal training and small group sessions
The training bench maximises the use of space in a gym

Physical Company has announced the launch of Evo Bench, a multi-functional, single station fitness solution that delivers a complete workout.

Designed for small group and one-to-one training, this ultra-versatile exercise and storage bench offers an ideal solution for operators looking to deliver a quality workout in a limited space.

With its solid base plate, stabilising rubber feet and fully welded joints, the Evo Bench is extremely durable and engineered to withstand rigorous daily use. It also enables seven backrest positions to be used, for a fully-customisable experience which targets all major upper-body muscle groups.

The durable unit provides space to house six dumbbell pairs, two kettlebells, a slam ball, an HD Wave Battle Rope and two levels of resistance tubing.

Further space is available for specialist kit chosen by the trainer, to make each session bespoke, plus fully welded anchor points provide battle rope options.

Evo Bench In Action!
Village Hotels has integrated Evo Bench into 11 of its largest clubs, giving it pride of place in the ‘Burn’ area of the gym’s functional training space.

Andy Logan, national operations manager at Village Hotels says: “Our Burn area is defined by an area of AstroTurf, kitted out with the latest innovations in CV and functional training equipment.

“This space is fully utilised by our personal trainers for small group and one-to-one training sessions, plus we run a full programme of classes. Evo Bench has been a very welcome addition to this offer.”

Several Village Clubs have integrated multiple benches, and there is also a plan to locate Evo Benches in the studios. Logan says: “There’s a huge opportunity to design large group sessions around the bench and I’d love to trial this concept in the studio. Evo Bench offers instructors a vast array of exercise options for training both strength and CV fitness, meaning sessions can easily be adapted to deliver an array of training outcomes to suit any fitness level.”

Trainers seeking programming and exercise inspiration can view more than 150 exercise options on YouTube. The kit is also NFC-enabled, allowing access via a smart device to a vast digital exercise library.

John Halls, MD at Physical Company, says: “Evo Bench is designed to help operators maximise available space and provide trainers with a means of locating all the equipment needed to deliver a full body workout in one place.”

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Originally published in Health Club Management 2018 issue 11

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