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Attractions Management
2018 issue 4

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Leisure Management - IdeAttack - 21st Century Innovation

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IdeAttack - 21st Century Innovation

IdeAttack specialises in the planning and design of high-end tourism destinations. Its president, Dan Thomas, explains more about the company and its work overseas in China

IdeAttack has helped create many of the worlds most spectacular tourism and leisure destinations
IdeAttack has helped create many of the worlds most spectacular tourism and leisure destinations
Along with Natasha Varnica, Dan Thomas co-founded IdeAttack in 2004
Since its foundation, the company has developed major attractions over six continents

Based in Pasadena, California, IdeAttack is a world leader in the tourism and leisure design industry, with projects in more than 28 countries.

Among its offerings, the company specialises in custom theme parks, cultural attractions, water parks, ocean parks, entertainment centres, large scale mixed-use developments, destination resorts, immersive entertainment environments and immersive entertainment environments.

Dedicated to creating guest experiences of the highest order, combining excellence in storytelling with cutting-edge placemaking technology and dazzling visual effects that will redefine the art of themed entertainment, it’s currently working China, where it has two major projects on the go.

Evergrande, one of the largest real-estate companies in eastern Asia, has exclusively partnered with IdeAttack on several theme parks set to open within the next few years, following a rigorous round of bidding and concept pitches by many of the top design firms in the industry.

“We’re the general contractor for two Evergrande theme parks, located in cities of Kaifeng and Changsha,” says company president Dan Thomas.

“As a part of these projects, we’re in the process of designing and producing 34 rides, attractions and shows. These include various dark rides, flume rides, boat rides, 4D and 5D simulators and theaters, as well as interactive walkthroughs, special effect shows and stunt shows.”

The company’s mission is simple. Since its inception, Thomas says its had one goal: to create new forms of innovative tourism and entertainment destinations for global market.

“We’re developing new ideas and approaches that will combine existing industry experience with new tourism project models that will cater the current and near future audience,” he says.

“We’re doing this for a number of sectors, including theme parks, waterparks, themed resorts, tourism and leisure zones, entertainment centres, cultural attractions, mixed-use retail and lifestyle centres.

Building on more than a decade of successful partnerships around the globe, IdeAttack can work on a project of any scale. Combining design, detailed development, and quality production, the company has helped to create some of the world’s most impressive visitor attractions.

“For a project we offer a number of services,” says Thomas. “These include planning, concept design, schematic design, design development, architecture, attraction design and production, brand development, signage and graphic design, character design and feasibility studies.”

IdeAttack can include among its clients Busch Gardens, Paramount Parks, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Warner Bros and Royal Caribbean International. With such an impressive list, it’s no wonder the company is in demand.

“Our key clients are real-estate developers, tourism developers and government organisations, says Thomas. “There’s a need for quality leisure and entertainment spaces where people can spend quality time with their families, friends or partners, out of their homes. In today’s global, growing, fast developing world, there’s increasing lack of such spaces. IdeAttack can supply that.

“One of our strongest goals is to always create unique visions that are financially viable and highly marketable: delivering one of a kind projects, on budget and always on schedules.

“With new and exciting ideas being generated all the time, Ideattack continues to lead the charge for bold and innovative entertainment solutions, well into the 21st century.”

Mastering the planning and design of entertainment destinations in China

One of the company’s key markets is China, which is currently experiencing a boom in theme park and wider attractions development. With great knowledge of the region, Thomas explains the challenges and solutions of working in this part of the world.

“Working in China for more than 15 years, we had the opportunity to follow the development of the country’s theme park industry from its beginnings in the early 2000s to today’s booming period,” he says.

“Our company’s main development period overlaps with that of China’s theme park industry, meaning that in certain ways we grew together.

“This enables us to be a conscious participant in Chinese theme park industry today, and not just a ‘foreign design’ import, which is very important because the Chinese theme park industry has its own characteristics and differences.”

With more than 200 theme park developments currently underway in China, scrutiny has been placed on some of these projects, with the country’s government raising concerns over potentially unpayable debts and low grade or copycat developments. That can prove a tricky situation for developers but one the Ideattack is prepared for.

“As a company striving to help bringing top quality projects to the region as its full participant, we analyse the advantages, disadvantages and peculiarities of this process in China today, and take action to achieve the best possible results,” says Thomas.

“IdeAttack believes the Chinese theme park market is now at the turning point of the development. All necessary aspects for the successful theme park development are now there and we’re convinced that when the market can overcome its issues, it will thrive as our projects in the region have done.”


IdeAttack offers comprehensive project development from start to finish

Originally published in Attractions Management 2018 issue 4

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