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2018 issue 3

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Leisure Management - Elemis - Drone Peptide Technology takes Elemis skincare to new heights

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Elemis - Drone Peptide Technology takes Elemis skincare to new heights

Described as ‘the most exciting and powerful formulation’ in the history of Elemis, the latest addition to the brand’s Smart Pro-Collagen range uses ‘Drone Peptide Technology’ to deliver unprecedented skincare results.

Elemis founder Noella Gabriel knows that today’s consumers expect overnight skincare results
Smart Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix helps stressed skin ‘bounce back to life’
Elemis’ Drone Peptide Technology

With the launch of Elemis’ new Smart Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix, skincare just gained a new secret weapon.

The formulation uses targeted ‘Drone Peptide Technology’ to seek out the areas of the skin most in need of treatment and working through the night to help restore natural balance.

Like a heat-seeking missile, Drone Peptide Technology guides encapsulates towards specific surface skin cells, delivering their precious cargo to its intended destination. Areas of skin showing the visual effects of stresses such as pollution, lifestyle and ageing are the main target for this delivery system.

Clinically proven*, this latest addition to Elemis’ hugely successful Pro-Collagen range is the first product to employ this type of ‘Smart Technology’ and puts the brand even further ahead in the field of science-led skincare.

Elemis co-founder and President Noella Gabriel says: “Our Smart Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix is changing the landscape of skincare. Using drone peptide technology, it targets a specific area of your skin, so the skincare experience it delivers is completely bespoke to the individual.”

Skin-damaging lifestyles
The Pro-Collagen range has been developed to specifically combat the signs of ageing that can be caused by today’s challenging environments and lifestyles.

Smart Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix uses a clever combination of two peptides that work in tandem to help hydrate and plump the skin with moisture.

These independently-tested active ingredients have been shown in-vitro to boost hyaluronic acid production as well as elastin synthesis. Both hyaluronic acid and elastin contribute towards a more elastic and supple feeling skin.

The result is skin that looks revitalised, radiant and youthful and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Putting science aside, the cream’s efficacy is also down to the inclusion of Elemis’ superstar ingredient – padina pavonica – an active algae that is rich in fatty acids and polysacharrides that naturally complement the skin’s moisture barrier for an instant hit of hydration.

The formulation also contains microalgae that produce a mild exfoliation effect to leave the complexion looking flawless and more youthful. Finally, wild indigo oligosaccharides, sourced from the seeds of wild-harvested plants in India, complete the skin-enhancing cocktail.

New Pro-Collagen family member
Smart Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix joins Elemis’ growing Pro-Collagen family, which includes its best-selling Pro-Collagen Marine cream (one pots sells every nine seconds around the world^); Pro-Collagen Super Serum Elixir, which is rich in plumping bio-actives; and the ultra-light Pro-Collagen Marine Oil that delivers heavyweight hydration.

Independent clinical trials (*) of the latest Pro-Collagen family member have also produced some impressive results.

Testers have reported that by morning, skin looks more relaxed, less crumpled and more youthful. After four weeks of use, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, and the skin appears to “bounce back to life”.

Gabriel says: “Five years ago in the world of skincare, customers had to wait months to see any visible results from a skincare product. Now they expect to see results overnight. That comes down to our advanced scientific innovation, powerful natural extracts and expert formulations.

“Smart Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix represents our next generation of anti-ageing skincare that will allow both spas and consumers to benefit from ground-breaking results.”

Independent user trials for Elemis
Smart Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix

• 100% of users agreed that their skin looks less crumpled in the morning**

• 100% of users agreed that the product dramatically improved deep set wrinkles**

• 100% of users agreed the stress in their skin has disappeared after using this product**

• 100% of users agreed their skin bounced back to life after using this product**

(*) Independent Clinical Trial Results. (**)Independent User Trial Results, 2017.

The trial was 32 people after four weeks of use. (^) Based on annual global sales




Originally published in Spa Business 2018 issue 3

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