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Health Club Management
2018 issue 3

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Leisure Management - Perfect Gym

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Perfect Gym

Perfect Gym’s improved management solution takes a new approach to boosting health club retention rates: using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse member data and predict future behaviour

The software allows clubs to send push notifications to members on- or off-site
Using an interactive model, Perfect Gym’s management system provides gym managers and owners with an in-depth analysis of their data
The use of AI in Perfect Gym's system allows operators to access the information they need to really understand their members
The use of AI in Perfect Gym's system allows operators to access the information they need to really understand their members

Despite the annual surge in new member signups seen every year, most gym newcomers lose focus and motivation after a month or two. While many health clubs try to remedy this problem with new promotions, improved PT-member communication and new studio classes, there’s a highly effective approach that’s often overlooked: an intelligent gym management software system.

A multidimensional fitness management solution is vital for customer retention because it allows clubs to:

• Collect essential data to improve member interactions

• Remind members about their personal goals

• Send push notifications about upcoming classes or promotions

• Send tips that are specific to each member’s goals and fitness interests

• Reward members through a loyalty programme

In short, an effective management system enables clubs to actively and consistently interact with customers through personalised campaigns designed with their specific goals in mind.

Member data
Effective member communication requires a good understanding of member preferences and behaviour above all else. Armed with this information, operators can build a successful strategy for keeping members motivated in the long term. To facilitate this goal, Perfect Gym’s management system generates member datasets, and displays the information on dashboards and in reports that management staff can access and interpret with ease. The system has recently been updated to use machine learning. This approach makes data analysis more interactive, while creating opportunities for operators to predict future member behaviour based on existing information.

Such technology-driven processes for analysing data and presenting actionable information to management staff makes fitness businesses more predictable through the use of AI. This computer science, which involves the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans, includes the more recently developed area of machine learning – the ability of computers to automatically apply complex mathematical calculations to big datasets over and over again.

The Perfect Gym advantage
Perfect Gym understands that fast and efficient data analysis is crucial for health clubs that are eager to achieve business success. As such, Perfect Gym’s software has been created to provide gym and health club owners with a comprehensive assessment of their business’ operations. The company has been working with business intelligence specialists to improve the existing system, as well as to develop entirely new, advanced tools that aim to revolutionise the way gyms are managed.

Using an interactive model, Perfect Gym’s management system provides gym managers and owners with an in-depth analysis of their data, allowing them to increase both cost effectiveness and overall performance. And by implementing AI into the updated system, club owners will now have access to predictions about member behaviour. They will also be able to identify clients who are ready to end their membership, and, as such, react quickly and accordingly to prevent the loss of members.

Recommendation SYSTEM
Perfect Gym’s goal is to ensure that operators can help their members to achieve their goals. That is why Perfect Gym’s updated software includes a recommendation system for members. This system provides members with fitness class suggestions and training programme adjustments, while motivating them to attend the gym regularly. By keeping in touch with members in this way, clubs can improve their relationship with gym-goers – encouraging loyalty and attendance.

The system’s machine learning capabilities will also allow gyms to better predict club visit rates and timings, which, in turn, will help to improve staff management and shift scheduling.

Sales benefits
Not only can AI help with increasing retention rates and predicting club visits, it can be used to forecast product sales and monitor stock levels with greater accuracy, as machine learning enables in-club product demand to be predicted with greater precision. This ensures that staff can order and replenish stock as needed, which, in turn, eliminates the waste that comes from over ordering stock and avoids the poor impression that empty shelves can give to members.

Personalised campaigns
The impact of understanding member preferences and behaviour extends beyond targeting those who are at risk of ending their membership. Perfect Gym’s predictive capabilities allow operators to create targeted campaigns for specific member groups. Using data drawn from interactive dashboards and reports, communication strategies can be adjusted to meet the differing needs and preferences of members. This allows clubs to send emails, push notifications and SMS messages to members who have shown an interest in a specific topic or activity, encouraging them to use the services available in-club.

Join Perfect Gym at IHRSA 2018 in San Diego

Want to know more about retention and data-driven software solutions? Join Perfect Gym at IHRSA 2018 in San Diego on 21 to 24 March. Visit booth 4305 to find out more about Perfect Gym's innovations.

TEL: +48 698 883 000
EMAIL: sales@egym.co.uk
WEB: www.perfectgym.com

Originally published in Health Club Management 2018 issue 3

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