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2018 issue 1

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Leisure Management - Skin Regimen - De-stressing city skin

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Skin Regimen - De-stressing city skin

Comfort Zone’s chairman, Dr Davide Bollati, explains how the reformulated, rebranded Skin Regimen range is tackling the ageing effects of urban living

Conceived for urbanites, the new Urban Longevity Facial™ and the home care target stress and pollution eects with custom base solutions.
Dr Davide Bollati
Targeting stress and pollution effects, the formulas contain the updated Longevity Complex™ and a functional natural aroma.

Why did you decide to relaunch the Skin Regimen brand?
In 2010, we had a strong intuition supported by science-based evidence from our company’s multi-disciplinary Scientific Committee. We realised that given the new expectations in lifespan and the impact of epigenetics, skincare and lifestyle had to be combined when it comes to health and beauty to stay younger for longer. After almost 10 years, new studies on urban living and its unavoidable effects brought us to further innovate and make our approach more targeted.

What’s your new offer?
The pressures of city living take a toll on our bodies and minds; with the new Skin Regimen, we offer skin-concern-specific solutions to city dwellers so they can cope with stress, the effects of pollution and lifestyle ageing. At launch, we will release Fast Living, Slow Aging, the brand’s new lifestyle guide, developed in collaboration with neuroscientist Dr Claudia Aguirre. She’s also supported us in upgrading our Longevity Complex™ to reduce the impact of cortisol on the skin.

Who are your customers?
Urbanites, in particular, early adopters and millennials, who have a fast-paced lifestyle, love the metropolitan stimuli and are conscious that self-care is important.

We consider our solution genderless rather than unisex. Men and women’s skin is different, but there is more to it. We’re all unique because of our story and life habits: for this reason, the new Skin Regimen facial, as well as the home care selection, are customisable.

Do you have all new formulations?
They’re all completely new. Our totally functional approach is called Modern Plant Chemistry™. We’ve removed all silicones and synthetic fragrance. We only use a natural aroma which is a refined selection of essential oils with a reinvigorating effect on the mind. Our textures are cooling and massageable to counterbalance the heating effects of stress.

Is your packaging ‘green’?
Yes, it is totally sustainable, 100 per cent recyclable and CO2-neutral. We’ve used dark stained glass, safety-certified aluminium and a sugarcane-derived green plastic.

What are you star ingredients?
Our new Longevity Complex™ is the ‘star’ component in all the formulas. Organic superfood extracts, maqui berry, spinach, wild indigo and carnosine – a high-tech molecule – are effective on inflammation, glycation, oxydation and methylation.

Can you tell us about the new techniques you’ve introduced for spa treatments?
Qigong has inspired our welcoming massage, which is energetic and yet deeply de-stressing. It acts on the upper part of the body to alleviate tensions, reactivate the circulation and favour a deep detoxification.

Our Rolling Roullage is inspired by modern physiotherapy and is specific for the face and décolleté, stimulating collagen and elastin production.

Our Macro Waves Sound™ adds a further dimension. It’s a unique soundscape created for Skin Regimen which starts with a pulsating frequency and slowly merges into electronic musical elements blended with wildlife and subtle wind sounds to promote greater wellbeing.

What’s the science behind your new approach?
Recent studies have proved that our hormonal response to internal and external stress doesn’t only occur through the brain and gut, but that our skin is also able to produce its own hormones. This is also a natural reaction to pollution.

One of these hormones in particular cortisol – has both short and longterm effects on the skin. Skin cortisol over-production is one of the elements that in the short term makes us look tired, fatigued and older, and over time fuels inflammation and oxidation, accelerating the overall ageing process.

It causes the skin’s dehydration, dullness, loss of tone and hyper-pigmentation. We’ve therefore enriched all our formulas with wild indigo, which blocks excess cortisol in the skin, boosts beta-endorphins, and lowers inflammation at the skin’s cellular level.

How have you measured the effects of Skin Regimen formulas on both skin and mind?
In cooperation with Professor Andrea Sgoifo, stress physiologist at the University of Parma in Italy, Skin Regimen has been clinically proven to improve the stress response.

An independent pilot clinical evaluation was conducted on 20 women, aged 25-50, who applied Skin Regimen essence and cream following the Skin Regimen Mindful Massage Ritual, twice a day for 28 days.

Based on ECG recordings, saliva samples and psychometric/behavioural testing, the researchers observed an immediate positive stimulation of the neural component associated with wellbeing; after 28 days, the results they measured were the inhibition of cortisol activation, the reduction of the perception of anxiety, and improved behavioural coping strategies.

How does Comfort Zone see the future of skincare?
We see it as an endless journey of discovery of the complex and fascinating interaction between mind, body and the world around us. Nature will guide us; modern science and new technologies will lead the way to solutions we cannot even think of today. This is why the key motto for us is ‘constant innovation’.

Phone: +39 0521 965611
Email: contactcz@comfortzone.it
Web: skinregimen.com

Originally published in Spa Business 2018 issue 1

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