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Spa Business
2017 issue 4

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Leisure Management - Thalion

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Thalion is the first company to develop highly specialised mineral therapies for clients, says training manager Sophie Alemany

Mineral Therapies are 100 per cent marine origin
Sophie Alemany
Marine Magnesium Therapy is made for stressed out, tired people

What’s the focus behind the concept?
Thalassotherapy – which provides healing benefits via the marine environment (climate, seawater, muds and seaweeds) – has long been proven to deliver key trace elements and minerals to restore balance in body and mind.
However, at Thalion Laboratories we wanted to go further by offering a made-to-measure approach, focusing the key minerals of magnesium and calcium. And so in 2016, Mineral Therapies by Thalion was born.

Why was there a need for this?
We’re all born with a perfect balance of trace elements and minerals provided by our mother during pregnancy. They’re then used by the body for vital metabolic functions, and in theory, balance is then restored through external intake, as our bodies cannot produce trace elements and minerals. But in practice our diets aren’t sufficient nowadays.

What’s the science behind Mineral Therapies?
They involve a new extraction process. Take magnesium: in order for the products to be highly concentrated, our laboratories designed an unprecedented technique which isolates magnesium contained in seawater, leaving no other trace elements or minerals in the formulas. This technique enables a sustainable management of the resource, as we extract magnesium without any chemical or synthetic product from seawater. There’s nothing greener or more natural than our marine magnesium.

Because of their marine origin, magnesium and calcium share the same chemical shape as the minerals naturally present in our body. When in contact, they ‘recognise’ themselves and are perfectly absorbed. Their ionic form enables perfect biocompatibility and uptake when applied to the skin.

What does the treatment involve?
Before receiving a Mineral Therapies body treatment, the client is assessed and guided towards the right treatment. Our therapies for calcium and magnesium come in the form of a liquid concentrate and a ready-to-use body wrap. Marine Magnesium Therapy is designed for stressed-out and tired men and women, suffering from sleeping disorders, as well as sportsmen, while Marine Calcium Therapy offers anti-ageing properties and soothes joint pain.

What does the concept bring to the spa market?
Thalion Mineral Therapies are the only treatments on the spa and salon market to focus on one highly concentrated mineral, providing an extremely effective topical treatment. It’s actually said that topical absorption is more efficient than oral administration, as the digestive tract eliminates most of the intake.

They’re 100 per cent marine origin, have multi-function concentrates so can be adapted to all sorts of equipment, and are compatible even in case of iodine sensitivity.

Their marine origin also means they offer excellent bio assimilation, making them a standout feature on any spa menu.

Originally published in Spa Business 2017 issue 4

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