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Attractions Management
2017 issue 4

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Leisure Management - IDEATTACK - Fairytale Ending

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IDEATTACK - Fairytale Ending

IDEATTACK announces an exclusive deal with Chinese developer Evergrande Group to bring its gamechanging Fairytale Theme Parks to cities across the mainland

Fairytale Theme Park includes the Brilliant China zone
Evergrande representatives and IDEATTACK’s Dan Thomas announce their theme park plans at a ceremony
Fairytale Theme Park includes themes from around the world
Fairytale Theme Park includes themes from around the world
Fairytale Theme Park includes themes from around the world
Fairytale Theme Park includes themes from around the world

IDEATTACK, a global leader in tourism and leisure destinations, has partnered with Evergrande Tourism Group as its exclusive designer, planner, attraction producer and general contractor.

The location-based entertainment design expert has been working with Evergrande, one of China’s biggest developers, on a park design envisioned as a one-of-a-kind destination that celebrates the diverse variety of fairy stories, myths and legends from across the world.

The newly announced deal comprises the development of a new theme park brand, Evergrande Fairytale Theme Park, and the construction of up to six parks located at different locations in China.

Evergrande Fairytale Theme Park is envisioned as a top-quality entertainment destination featuring more than cutting-edge attractions, including immersive multimedia rides and theatres, across six specially themed zones: Splendid China, Magical Europe, Mysterious Kingdom, Adventure South America, Surfing Sea and Space Travel.

Each zone and every ride has its own unique story to make it truly outstanding.

With its highly-themed architecture, ride and show experiences and dining and retail offering, Evergrande Fairytale Theme Park is on track to be a gamechanger in China’s theme park industry in several key ways:

• By breaking the quality gap between domestic Chinese theme parks and established overseas brands; Evergrande Fairytale Theme Park is set to meet or exceed world’s top theme park brands

• By breaking the trend of developing high-quality leisure projects of this type only in a few major cities; Evergrande Fairytale Theme Park is bringing the high-end experience to the whole of China

• By employing Chinese themes, stories, myths and legends in over one-third of attractions and high-tech experiential rides and shows; Evergrande Fairytale Theme Park’s largest themed zone will be Brilliant China Zone, featuring exclusively Chinese stories, characters and atmosphere

• By providing local residents a true escape form everyday life to a one-of-a-kind leisure paradise: Evergrande Fairytale Theme Park will feature ultimate fantasy environments, with elaborate, original buildings and façades, unseen elsewhere, to create a completely immersive experience for visitors and their families

The stories told in the attractions will correspond to the narrative of each themed land and will be created by chosen industry professionals already proven in the creation of the world’s top attractions.

From an operational point of view, the theme parks are set to be fully open year-round, regardless of season, climate or weather. This is possible as visitors will have the choice of circulating both outdoors –through lush themed landscape environments – or staying entirely indoors, moving through the interconnecting corridors, which are dotted with speciality retail and exciting dining options.

Upon completion of Evergrande Fairytale Theme Parks, China will at last have its own formidable theme park brand that will offer its citizens an original domestic leisure experience product. We hope that Evergrande Fairytale Theme Park projects will inspire the theme park industry in China and set the a higher bar for the level of expectation and quality for future tourism and entertainment projects.

Name: The Fairytale Experience Park

Locations: Various sites in China

Size: 60 hectares

Client: Evergrande Group

IDEATTACK role: Exclusive design, planning and production partner


IDEATTACK brings architecture and entertainment design together to create large-scale, mixed-use leisure tourism projects with the wow factor. Founded in 2004 by Natasha Varnica and Dan Thomas, the Los Angeles-based firm creates original, profitable, high-quality attractions on a realistic budget. The holistic service includes all stages of project development, from masterplanning to concept and brand design to construction supervision.

IDEATTACK CEO Natasha Varnica and president Dan Thomas

Originally published in Attractions Management 2017 issue 4

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