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2017 issue 2

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Product Innovation


Industry suppliers tell Lauren Heath-Jones about their latest product, treatment and equipment launches

Lauren Heath-Jones, Leisure Media

Sammy Gharieni shows off his transformative sofa


Sammy Gharieni

Massage table supplier and manufacturer Gharieni has introduced the MLW Transform, a sofa that easily converts to a massage table, offering new possibilities for the spa and hospitality industries.

“We have literally transformed the spa massage world – this makes massage accessible to anyone,” says owner Sammy Gharieni. “It opens a completely new channel for us – really, it’s competition to the portable massage bed.”

Gharieni explains that the couch can be used in situations that would normally require a therapist to cart a portable bed with them – at the office, in a hotel suite, or even in a fitness area. “This is a product that you can sell through many different markets,” he says.

The MLW Transform is electrically adjustable in height, has an integrated heating system and has a built-in battery so it’s fully operational without a power connection.

The headrest can be adjusted in inclination and height, and a variety of upholstery covers are available, with the possibility to incorporate custom materials.

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"We have literally transformed the spa massage world – this makes massage accessible to anyone"


The MLW Transform is a sofa that easily converts to a massage table, and can be used in hotel suites, offices or fitness areas

Noella Gabriel shares the inspiration behind Elemis’ new Life Elixirs


Noella Gabriel

Elemis Life Elixirs are a range of bath and shower oils, perfume rollers and scented candles, available in five aromatics.

They’re designed to complement the brand’s skincare lines in a holistic way, providing long-lasting and multi-layered scents using essential oils, aimed at having an effect on both the body and mind. Available in Calm, Clarity, Fortitude, Embrace and Sleep, the Life Elixirs each have a specific need that the scent is designed to focus on, from quieting the mind to focusing it.

Noella Gabriel, co-founder and creator of Elemis Therapies, said the line was developed as “a real evolution of 25 years of knowledge.”

“Life Elixirs has been created to bring everything back to the potency of modern aromatics,” says Gabriel, adding that Elemis developed the product after listening to its clients. “When the day overwhelms you, these complex, delicate, yet scientifically formulated blends will tune in to you, restoring harmony, settling the mind, quieting the body, while harnessing your inner dynamism.”

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"Life Elixirs has been created to bring everything back to the potency of modern aromatics"


Life Elixirs use essential oils, with an aim to have an effect on both the body and mind

Stephan Helary harnesses African traditions with new tea range


Stephan Helary

Skincare brand Terres d’Afrique has announced a collaboration with South African tea manufacturer Yswara to create a new line of wellness teas. The collection is made up of six blends: Ishalo Comet, Comoe Sky, Okavango Star, Mela Constellation, Meru Moon and Quirimbas Sun.

“We wanted to add taste to the wellness experiences we create,” says Stephan Helary, founder of Terres d’Afrique. “It was a logical extension to create a range of luxury African health teas to complement our treatments.”

Ishalo Comet is designed to boost the immune system, and contains green rooibos, baobab, and carrot, while Comoe Sky is formulated with green tea and lemongrass and is designed to detox. Okavango Star aims to aid digestion, and features organic hibiscus and peppermint; Mela Constellation contains lemon verbena and rose to restore; and Meru Moon features honeybush and lavender to aid rest.

“This range harnesses African tradition,” says Swaady Martin, CEO of Yswara. “We have created these blends to reconnect people to the oneness of each other and with healing nature.”

The teas are offered in the Four Seasons in Johannesburg, Six Senses in the Seychelles and The Silo Hotel in Cape Town.

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"We wanted to add taste to the wellness experiences we create"


The range is created in collaboration with South African tea brand Yswara

Louise Riby introduces new bath and body oils from Elemental Herbology


Louise Riby

Skincare brand Elemental Herbology has launched The Five Elements range, which consists of five bath and body oils based on the five elements found in traditional Chinese medicine: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

Each oil has its own blend of essential oils formulated to revitalise and relax, and can be used as a moisturiser to intensely hydrate the skin.

Louise Riby, managing director at Elemental Herbology, says the oil blends are designed to help people find equilibrium at home. “Each oil has been specially formulated with a dual purpose and can be used while bathing in the bath or shower for a wonderful aromatherapy experience, or placed directly onto dry skin to instantly nourish and hydrate,” she explains.

Wood Rejuvenation is designed to invigorate the mind and body, and contains rosemary, ho leaf and nutmeg. Fire Zest features sweet orange, rosemary and basil to energise the mind and reduce stress. Earth Balance includes mandarin, cedarwood and lime to soothe and restore energy. Metal Detox contains rosemary, grapefruit and juniper berry to improve circulation and remove toxins. Water Soothe contains lavender, ylang ylang and rose damask to aid rest.

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"Each oil has been specially formulated with a dual purpose, and can be used in the bath or shower"


The oils are based on the five elements found in traditional Chinese medicine

Andreas Dornbracht explains new LifeSpa concept


Andreas Dornbracht

Dornbracht has launched an innovative new water treatment concept for at home and professional use. The LifeSpa concept, which debuted at ISH 2017, is a modular system designed to integrate adaptable health-enhancing water applications into spas and bathrooms.

“Water applications can enhance a health-conscious lifestyle in a variety of ways, not just with regard to physical fitness, but also as far as mental performance and life energy are concerned,” says Andreas Dornbracht, managing director of Dornbracht.

Applications include the Aquapressure vertical shower and the WaterFan and WaterCurve jets. Inspired by acupressure, Aquapressure is a vertical shower that features multiple outlet points and different flow modes, and is designed to deliver a variety of treatments, including water massage and contrast showers.

The WaterFan and WaterCurve are height-adjustable massage jets that provide targeted massage to the neck, thoracic vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae areas. The jets feature a fan-like flow mode designed to alleviate and prevent muscular tension. The treatments are designed to improve wellbeing and increase energy levels over time.

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"Water applications can enhance a health-conscious lifestyle in a variety of ways"


The LifeSpa concept is a modular system for home and professional use

Ulla-Pia Dyrlund-Lagadec discusses Thalion’s new liquid care Mineral Booster


Ulla-Pia Dyrlund-Lagadec

Marine skincare brand Thalion has released the Mineral Booster, a new liquid care facial treatment, which is designed to provide a ‘shot of marine energy’ for a smooth, plumped and radiant complexion. It’s a water-based innovation that claims to deliver the benefits of water directly into the skin through light, meltable formulae that are designed to dissolve into the skin on contact.

“This product is thalassotherapy for the face,” says Ulla-Pia Dyrlund-Lagadec, director of sales and marketing at Thalion. “It offers a genuine mineral biomimetic recharge to give the skin the trace elements and minerals it needs.” The booster is formulated with active water and mineral trace elements from the sea, designed to re-energise fatigued skin, and features an aqueous gel-like texture.

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"This product is thalassotherapy for the face"


Mineral Booster provides a shot of trace minerals to the skin

Kurland’s SnowBliss is a multi-sensory experience, says Esa Ranta


Esa Ranta

Spa consultancy and supplier Kurland has developed a new snowfall shower designed to bring the power of nature into the spa experience. SnowBliss is a fully customisable, sensory experience that can be integrated into any wellness area.

Guests can choose between two settings: snowfall and snowstorm. Snowfall features a gentle sprinkling of snow, while snowstorm features thunder and lightening, and snowflakes swirling around the user on all sides. SnowBliss uses corn snow, a coarse, granular snow formed by alternate cycles of freezing and thawing, which melts on the skin for a refreshing experience.

Kurland has recently completed an installation of SnowBliss at the Ye Olde Bell Hotel in Nottinghamshire, UK. Kurland consulted with UK distributor and spa consultancy SpaVision to create the SnowBliss concept, which was custom-designed for the Ye Olde Bell, but the product has been released to a wider market.

“Unusual wellness concepts are our expertise,” says Esa Ranta, CEO of Haslauer, Kurland’s parent company. “As a result, our SnowBliss can be integrated into any spa in any conceivable design. The cabin can be individually customised and sound and lighting effects are integrated into the SnowBliss, which allows for a unique experience that addresses all the senses.”

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"Sound and lighting effects are integrated into the SnowBliss, which addresses all the senses"


Guests can choose between two settings for SnowBliss: snowfall and snowstorm

Anne Semonin’s Glow combines makeup and skincare, explains Aline Marcadet


Aline Marcadet

French skincare brand Anne Semonin has released Glow Instant Radiance Essence, a complexion enhancer that claims to give the skin a healthy glow while also delivering skincare benefits.

The essence, created by Anne Semonin owner and CEO Aline Marcadet, is designed to complement all skin tones and has a lightweight bi-phase formula that features ingredients rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and beta-carotene, to brighten the complexion and fight signs of ageing.

“Glow is a fusion between makeup and skincare for those women (and men) who want a healthy, sun-kissed look all year round without the need for self-tanning or foundation,” says Marcadet. “In addition, its powerful antioxidant and super-nourishing ingredients help restore skin radiance and luminosity by adapting to all skin tones in an intelligent way.”

The formula includes apricot kernel oil, which contains vitamins A and E and essential fatty acids to hydrate the skin and repair the protective skin barrier.

Other ingredients include tomato seed oil, Buriti oil and natural orange water, which are selected for their restorative properties, to protect from UVA/UVB rays and deliver essential nutrients into the skin. The formula also features micro-prism pigments selected for their light-polarising properties, which are used to reflect light and to add radiance to the skin.

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"Glow is a fusion between makeup and skincare for women who want a healthy, sun-kissed look year round"


The Glow includes apricot kernel, tomato seed and Buriti oils

David Foster shows off ‘practical, beautiful’ Zen tile collection


David Foster

Designworks Tiles has created a range of professional use porcelain tiles for spas and swimming pools. The Zen collection is a series of mosaic tiles that takes inspiration from natural stone, marble and wood. The tiles are available in a range of tranquil colours designed to evoke a feeling of relaxation.

David Foster, head of leisure sales at Designworks Tiles, says: “Our Zen mosaic tile collection is not only practical, but is also made of recycled glass, making it a beautiful and sustainable choice for leisure businesses.”

The line is made up of more than 20 designs including Phyllite, a dark grey tile featuring subtle veining to look like marble; Pale Cherry, a grained, light brown tile designed to look like wood, and Bluestone, a stone-like cobalt blue tile.

The tiles have a matte finish and are compatible with Designwork’s JointPoint technology, a system where silicone points are used to join individual mosaics together to form a single panel. JointPoint is designed to ensure that the panels are laid uniformly, resulting in easy installation, better adhesion and superior grip.

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"Our Zen collection is made of recycled glass, making it a beautiful and sustainable choice"


The Zen collection takes inspiration from natural stone, marble and wood

Originally published in Spa Business 2017 issue 2

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