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Spa Business
2014 issue 3

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We take a look at companies which offer sensory spa experiences to enhance what we see, hear, smell and feel

Jason Holland, Leisure Media

Inviion® by Schletterer Consult

The brand new Inviion® Sensory Experience spa cabin by Schletterer Consult focuses on sounds, colours, scents and temperature which portray a “journey through the seasons”.

It utilises lighting effects, large screen projections, newly developed 3D acoustic sequences and fragrances to create the experience, while humidity and heat is varied to reflect each season.

The 20-30 minute programme starts with a refreshing winter spell with whistling winds, followed by a warmer, awakening spring with singing birds. Then comes the heat of summer which dries the skin and heats up the body accompanied by sounds of humming bees and the intense scent of summer pastures, before the programme changes to autumn where guests hear rustling leaves and feel the temperature change and the damp mist on their skin while the sweet sharp scent of wild berries fills the room.

The sequences have been designed to heighten the senses and provide multiple health benefits and improve relaxation.

Schletterer Consult created the Sensory Experience for the Woburn Forest Center Parcs holiday village, which opened in the UK in June (see p74). It’s installed in the village’s Aqua Sana spa, but will now also be available to other operators.

Another first at the Aqua Sana spa is the Inviion Mineral Room, where amethyst and crushed rose quartz, along with a refreshing lemongrass scent, infuse the air to energise the senses and calm the nerves.

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The new experience has a large screen projection and 3D acoustic sequences
Aquamental Spa

Aquamental Spa has created seven multi-sensory room concepts offering interpretations of water elements, brought to life by light and acoustics.

Developed by Daniel Lathan, head of the innovation group in the German Wellness Association, the scalable room concepts feature new technologies, creating relaxing and contemplative spaces. In three of the concepts – Circles, Flux and Torus (pictured) – entire rooms are encased in water. The Torus room, for example, is fully or partially made from transparent Plexiglas. In the middle of the room and outside, a whirlpool is created and illuminated from above and below so that light reflections of the swirling water are projected around the room. Meanwhile sounds of the vortex are transferred inside by speakers.

The other themed concepts are Columns, Deep Sea, Swing and Stonefly.

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Entire rooms can be encased in water

Domes offering 360-degree video projection can bring a new level of relaxation to spas, according to a German developer.

Munich-based LivinGlobe – which installed of two of its Vidarium wellness domes in the OCT Hot Springs Waterpark in China this January – says tranquil films can be projected on the dome’s entire ceiling. One Vidarium houses a hot shale bath, while another features a pool for water treatments. However, other spas could also use the Vidarium as a chillout lounge or even a massage room.

Harald Singer, owner and creative director at LivinGlobe, says visitors can view one of eight soothing nature films from a sitting or face up position, immersing themselves in the moving images of the projected worlds. One film shows the mountains in Swiss Alps (pictured) while another is an underwater fantasy film shot in Borneo, Malaysia by a diver surrounded by fish.
The aim is to create a new environment where relaxation can be achieved with eyes open rather than closed. And Singer bills the Vidarium as a “brand new attraction for existing or new spas” that can help engage, awe and retain customers.

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The video domes enhance relaxation at spas

The eight 360-degree projection films are all based on nature
Moving Art

US film director Louis Schwartzberg is the curator of Moving Art, a collection of 2D and 3D moving images for digital screens.  

The company has teamed up with Organic Spa Magazine to create a series of visual meditation films using the Moving Art work set to a relaxing soundtrack.

This immersive Visual Meditation Room concept has already been tested at the Miraval resort and spa in Arizona, US, leading to a proposed permanent room installation.

Installations at other high-end hospitality venues are expected soon.

The Visual Mediation Room concept uses time-lapse cinematography of natural images projected on ceiling-to-floor screens that present viewers with a new way to look at the world that surrounds them. There are eight films, capturing scenarios such as the rolling waves of the ocean, unfurling flowers and untouched forests, which can be used to create moods according to the use of space.

Moving Art is also developing an interface to let spa guests choose the mood of their treatment room.

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A US film director is behind the concept

Dornbracht’s Sensory Sky shower has been inspired by weather phenomena and nature’s cycles. It has three pre-programmed choreographies of rain, mist and light which also feature complementary fragrances.

The Readjust programme has a warm, light mist and rain with a soft and dry forest floor scent, and is designed to sharpen the senses.

The Release setting incorporates an intense summer rain, ranging from warm to cool temperatures, accompanied by a fresh tropical-like fragrance. It’s been designed to leave the body feeling cleansed and refreshed.

Finally, Rejoice comprises a warm rain curtain where droplets glisten in the colours of the rainbow (pictured) to harmonise the senses.

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The different settings take experience showers to a new level

Spanish-based Zen-sations Arboreum specialises in photographing elements of nature that are high in energy, with a particular focus on trees.

The still art designs can be used as decorative pictures, such as at the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona. But for a more sensory experience, they’re matched with coloured lighting, sound and scent in the Evolutive Wellness room concept.

The aim of Evolutive Wellness is to help guests connect with nature in a new way as they relax. The designs can be customised to a range of spaces and are suitable for use in spas, hotels, museums, sports and leisure facilities. The concept has been developed by environmental scientist Sergi Nogués and artist Albert Cuevas.

The next temporary installation will be at the World Spa & Well-being Congress in Thailand in September.

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Evolutive Wellness room concept

Decorative art at Mandarin Oriental
Motion Waves

Augmented music/sound spaces could be the next game-changer in the spa industry in the near future, according to Motion Waves founder Jean-Marie Adrien.

The company uses sophisticated sensor technology to track a user’s movement and, based on this, an acoustic system plays complementary soothing sounds and noises at different pitches, tones, volumes and rhythms. The slower someone moves, the more leisurely the sound is.

According to Adrien, Motion Waves could be used to add an extra dimension to the customer experience in any part of a spa – from a reception or retail area to a treatment room or relaxation lounge.

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Jason Holland is the product editor of Spa Business
Tel: +44 1462 471922

Originally published in Spa Business 2014 issue 3

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