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Health Club Management
2014 issue 8

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Leisure Management - Indoor revolution

Cycling round-up

Indoor revolution

From brand new bikes to audiovisual solutions, we round up some of the latest innovations in the area of indoor cycling

Bluetooth LINKS

Keiser UK will launch the brand new M3i group exercise cycle next month. Using Bluetooth technology, the M3i computer can be partnered wirelessly with either a phone or tablet.

To take advantage of this technology, Keiser has also developed a new group exercise projection system, the iKeiser. Unlike other systems that connect to a rider-worn monitor, the iKeiser is linked by Bluetooth to the bike and reflects the performance of the rider on a large TV screen, or even multiple screens.

Heart rate monitoring and resistance level awareness are still available via the onboard computer, with Keiser’s non-wear magnetic resistance system and anti-slip belt also maintained in the new model.

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new M3i group exercise cycle
Fully immersive

Les Mills International has launched its ‘immersive fitness’ product in an initiative it’s calling The Project, working in partnership with Reebok.

The concept comprises a walled room onto which video content is streamed throughout a class. Cycling class The Trip is one of the first to launch, featuring a range of landscapes that make the user feel as though they’re cycling through a computer game.

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Fully immersive
Pinpoint accuracy

In exclusive partnership with the Indoor Cycling Group (ICG), Matrix Fitness announces the launch of the power-based Matrix IC7 Indoor Cycle and Coach By Color Power Programme. 

The IC7 offers a two-stage drivetrain that enables a highly accurate (+/-1 per cent) direct wattrate (power) meter, 100-step precision magnetic resistance, and 1:11 ratio high-speed flywheel. Performance metrics are delivered to the rider via the patent-pending Coach by Color Training Console – a console that displays the user’s effort and power in various coloured zones.

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Matrix IC7 Indoor Cycle and Coach By Color Power Programme
On your marks…

The new VismoX training concept and software from Body Bike allows clubs not only to track the performance of each individual in a cycling class, but also to create new cycling challenges through the VismoX route maker.

Members can then compete in real-life races, powered by Google Maps, and even see video footage of the route on-screen. The system takes into account factors such as elevation and weight to calculate users’ speed. There’s also a consumer app to book sessions and track activity, including GPS-based data from outdoor activities.

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VismoX training concept and software from Body Bike
It’s a dream

Pulse has unveiled its Trixter XdreamV2 bike, which offers a 23” touchscreen and high definition graphics.
The bike operates in three distinct modes. In addition to the virtual reality mountain biking mode, the new model also offers real video rides, where cyclists will find themselves riding through the cities of London, New York and San Francisco, as well as on tour in France, Italy, Spain and the UK. There’s also a classic mode so the bike can act as a standard exercise bike.

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Trixter XdreamV2 bike
Take part in the Tour

Fitness enthusiasts can experience the thrills and challenges of the Tour de France for themselves with the new Freemotion Tour de France Indoor Cycle.

The new cycle combines the existing S series of indoor cycles with a brand new touchscreen display, which features iFit – whereby riders can upload and track personal workout data – and Google Maps, offering an endless supply of real-time, interactive rides. The bike is equipped with a motorised terrain-replicating feature controlled by built-in video workouts, meaning it seamlessly declines and inclines from -10 to +20 per cent as the ride topography changes.

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new Freemotion Tour de France Indoor Cycle
Air power

Star Trac has introduced a new air-driven bike – the Turbo Trainer – that delivers simultaneous upper and lower body exercise through an isokinetic resistance mechanism.

The Turbo Trainer’s flywheel design displaces air at a rate that matches the effort put in by its user, meaning that the harder the flywheel is turned, the greater the isokinetic resistance.

Meanwhile a new Spin bike – the Spinner NXT Black Belt – brings the smooth, quiet ride of a belt to the Spinner bike family.

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new air-driven bike
The sound of music

Schwinn’s new Class Tamer music player app assists cycling class instructors in leading effective sessions for group workouts. The app features scrollable notes pages to allow instructors to input and save cueing notes, music tags and BPM counts for specific songs. Other features include the ability to modify the tempo of songs during a ride, 10 sound effects to help add excitement to classes, and a stopwatch that operates independently of the song timer, allowing for interval training.

Schwinn has also made its Carbon Blue belt available on all its AC bikes.

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Schwinn’s new Class Tamer music player app

Originally published in Health Club Management 2014 issue 8

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