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Trade Associations

Our Trade Associations section gives up-to-date details of national spa associations and organisations around the world. We’ve split them up into global regions and countries for ease of reference with those representing spas across the world at the end


Spa Association of Africa (SAA)
C/o Executive Services Ltd, 2nd Floor,
Les Jamalacs Building, Vieux Conseil Street, Port Louis, Mauritius
E: info@spaassociationofafrica.com
Region represented: Africa
Description: The Spa Association of Africa (SAA) was established in 2010 by Elaine Okeke, founder of spa consultancy SPALOGIQUE. It works alongside national and regional tourism boards, educational institutions and operators to set quality standards and encourage education and preventative health measures in the spa and wellness industry in Africa.


Moroccan Spa Association (A-SPA-MAROC)
4 Rue Sebou Angle Rue Taha Housseine,
Ler étage no2 Quartier Gauthier, Casablanca, 20000, Morocco
T: +212 666 35 36 42
E: aspamaroc@gmail.com
Country represented: Morocco
Description: This association represents the Moroccan spa industry – spa operators, hoteliers, architects and product vendors – with one voice on matters related to government legislation and other interests such as tourism. It provides a platform for professional discussion, educational matters and industry news.

South Africa

South African Spa Association (SASA)
PO Box 81204, Parkhurst, Johannesburg, 2120, South Africa
T: +27 11 447 9959
E: info@saspaassociation.co.za
Country represented: South Africa
Description: SASA aims to be an ambassador for the South African spa industry and related areas like health and wellness, tourism and hospitality, education and training. Members include professionals in the wellness, health and skincare, healing, medicine and spa sectors. SASA publishes the annual SA Spa Association Spa Index, a consumer reference guide showcasing the top spas and spa brands in Africa.

Asia-Pacific & Australasia

Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition (APSWC)
14 Amber Gardens, 09-04 Amber Park, Singapore #439960
T: +65 9777 3204
E: info@apswc.org
Regions represented: Countries in Asia
Description: The APSWC acts as a bridge between national spa associations in Asia to foster growth and development of the spa industry at a regional and local level. It holds an invitation-only Strategic Planning Forum each year, as well as a periodic spa study tour for industry professionals.


Australasian Spa Association (ASpa)
PO Box 149, Southland Centre,
VIC 3192, Australia
T: +61 430 033 174
E: info@aspaassociation.com.au
Region represented: Australasia
Description: ASpa aims to enhance communication and networking between members; raise awareness of the industry; deliver information, resources and member benefits; set and implement industry standards; and provide education.

Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT)
Level 6, 85 Queen Street, Melbourne,
VIC 3000, Australia
T: +61 1300 138 872
E: info@aamt.com.au
Region represented: Australasia
Description: AAMT was formed in 2003 following the amalgamation of five major massage associations across Australia. Its commitment is to uphold, promote and educate about best practice in the field of massage therapy. It also maintains a register of qualified member practitioners.


Bali Spa and Wellness Association (BSWA)
Yayasan Bali Spa, PO Box 2204, Kuta, Bali
E: info@balispawellness-association.org
Country represented: Bali
Description: BSWA was established in 2005 to develop and promote Bali’s spa offerings through education, the exchanging of ideas, networking and growth initiatives – including monthly meetings for spa industry professionals.


China Spa Association
1408 Golden Bell Plaza, 98 Huaihai Zhong Road, Shanghai 200021, China
T: +86 21 5385 8951
E: info@chinaspaassociation.com
Country represented: China
Description: This non-profit association helps to develop and promote the spa, health and aesthetics industries in China. Members benefit from educational workshops, newsletters and industry updates, regular meetings and events, as well as the opportunity to network with professionals from other international spa organisations.


Indian Spa and Wellness Association (ISWA)
Natraj CHS, Plot No 15, Office No 10A, Sector-4 Sanpada (E),
Navi Mumbai 400705, India
T: +91 982021 6022
E: contact@iswa.in
Country represented: India
Description: Part of the ISWA’s remit is to address industry concerns on standardisation, training and education. It also aims to promote the country’s traditional healing systems such as ayurveda and yoga, in a form acceptable to international spa users.

Spa Association of India (SAI)
M1 Palika Bhawan, Sector 13, R K Puram, New Delhi 110066, India
T: +91 995 889 5151
E: info@spaassociationofindia.in
Country represented: India
Description: SAI was launched to develop and maintain standards in the Indian spa industry. It works alongside national and regional tourism boards as well as operators, manufacturers and distributors to set quality standards and encourage education and preventive health and hygiene measures in the sector. A key goal of SAI is to set up a system of training accreditation in the country. Members are professionals in the spa, wellness, health, skincare, healing and medicine sectors.

Spa & Wellness Association of India (SWAI)
62A Embassy Building 44,
Nepean Sea Road, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400006, India
E: info@spaandwellnessassociation.com
Country represented: India
Description: The Spa & Wellness Association of India represents the interests of the professional spa and hospitality sectors. It serves the industry through a number of core competencies: the preservation and protection of India’s traditional therapies; education opportunities; government advocacy; tourism promotion; commerce activities; research/statistics; and media relations.


The Federation for Japanese Spa Associates
Japan Ryokan Association
Country represented: Japan
Description: Ryokans are traditional Japanese inns with onsen bathing facilities. The ryokan association was inaugurated in 1948 and members include 1,200 well-respected ryokans. Its goal is to ensure safe and reliable accommodation facilities.
Nippon Spa Association


Association of Malaysian Spas (AMSPA)
C/o Energy Day Spa, Lot 4, Level 4,
Great Eastern Mall, 303 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur 50450, Malaysia
T: +603 4253 3478
E: info@amspa.org.my
Country represented: Malaysia
Description: AMSPA’s mission is to become a ‘voice of wellness’ and act as a central body for the area’s up and coming spa industry. Significantly, it works with the country’s Ministry of Tourism on its spa rating system.

Malaysian Association of Wellness and Spa

The Philippines

Spa and Wellness Association of the Philippines, Inc (PhilWell)
Room 412, Office of Product Research and Development, Department of Tourism,
TM Kalaw, Manila, Philippines
T: +63 917 546 6738
Country represented: the Philippines
Description: PhilWell was established in 2004 to promote and protect the wellness spa industry in the Philippines and to position the country as a major destination in the global spa arena. It’s committed to ensuring standards of excellence in spas across the country.

Spa & Wellness Association of Cebu (SWAC)
Colon Corner, Junquera Street,
Cebu City, Philippines 6000
City represented: Cebu – the capital of
the Philippines
Description: SWAC is the official organisation of the wellness industry in Cebu, recognised by the capital city’s business community, government agencies and other organisations. Its goal is to analyse the direction of the industry to help it grow and realise its full potential.


Spa Association Singapore (SAS)
77 Robinson Road #06-05,
Singapore 068896
T: +65 6223 1158
E: secretariat@spaassociation.org.sg
Country represented: Singapore
Description: SAS represents professional spa operators in Singapore. It works closely with the Singapore Tourism Board, Police Licencing Division, International Enterprise (a government agency for economic development in Singapore) and other bodies to help member spas develop.

Spa & Wellness Association of Singapore (SWAS)
28 Sin Ming Lane, #05-143, Midview City, Singapore 573972
T: +65 6513 7315
E: secretariat@spaandwellness.org
Regions represented: Singapore and Asia
Description: SWAS aims to create growth opportunities for its members locally and internationally via monthly networking sessions, trade shows and educational programmes. SWAS actively promotes integration between the spa, beauty and wellness markets and engages in dialogue sessions with government agencies.


Phuket Spa Association (PSPA)

Samui Spa Association

Thai Lanna Spa Association

Thai Spa Association (TSPA)
10/167 The Trendy Office, 20A Floor,
Unit No 20A02A, Sukhumvit Soi 13 (Sangchan), Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey- Nua, Wattana, Bangkok, 10110, Thailand
T: +66 2168 7094
E: info@thaispaassociation.com
Country represented: Thailand
Description: The Thai Spa Association was established to promote and develop the spa industry in Thailand and last year it organised the very first research into Thai spa-goers which was conducted by Intelligent Spas (see p102). Members benefit from educational newsletters and seminars, regular meetings and events, and the opportunity to network with spa professionals from Thailand and other international spa organisations.


Association of Argentinian Spas (AAS)
Av Medrano 1709, 7 Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires 1425, Argentina
T: +54 11 4825 4235
www.asociacionspa.org or
Country represented: Argentina
Description: For the last six years, the AAS has been representing health and wellbeing centres across Argentina. Its members include physicians, dermatologists, aestheticians, nutritionists and massage therapists as well as product and equipment suppliers. The AAS aims to advance the spa industry by providing education and training and promoting the value of the spa experience.


Association of Brazilian Clinics and Spas (ABC Spas)
Room 15, Rua Caio Prado 267,
São Paulo 01303-001, Brazil
T: +55 11 2307 5595
E: contato@abcspas.com.br
Country represented: Brazil
Description: ABC Spas is a non-profit organisation which was founded in 2002 to represent the Brazilian spa market, by promoting and organising events, attracting investors and fostering local spa business developments.

Brazilian Wellness Association
The Caribbean
Caribbean Spa & Wellness Association (C-SWA)
T: +1 868 299 8097
E: info@caribbeanspawellness.com
Region represented: the Caribbean
Description: In early 2013, C-SWA launched the Development and Promotion of the Caribbean Health and Wellness Tourism Sector project with the goal of making the Caribbean a leading spa destination by 2015. The project is supported by Caribbean Export and financed by the UK’s Department for International Development. The association was first established in 2006.


European Spas Association (ESPA)
50 Rue d’Arlon, Brussels B1000, Belgium
T: +32 282 0558
E: office@espa-ehv.eu
Countries represented: 20 across Europe
Description: This year, ESPA published the first fully comprehensive book of quality standards – including 1,000 criteria and covering over 30 laws – for medical spa and wellness providers across the continent. The criteria must be met to gain ESPA’s EuropeSpa Med certificate which it launched last year. Its other quality standards include EuropeSpa and the EuropeSpa wellness certificate. Founded in 1995, ESPA is an umbrella body for 20 national spa associations in Europe. It focuses on promoting spas and balneology and on ensuring that natural remedies from water, soil and the climate are readily available to the European population.


Bulgarian Union for Balneology & Spa Tourism (BUBSPA)
15 Tvardishki Prohod Str, Sofia 1404, Bulgaria
T: +359 2 942 7130
E: office@bubspa.org
Country represented: Bulgaria
Description: BUBSPA presents and promotes Bulgaria as a modern spa and wellness destination to all tourist markets.
National Association for Spa & Wellness Tourism (NAST), Bulgaria
03 Bistritsa Str, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
T: +359 2 981 3015
E: nast.bulgaria@mail.bg
Country represented: Bulgaria
Description: NAST cooperates in the protection, development and ecological use of Bulgarian resources and to promote spa tourism. Members comprise high-end spa resorts, hotels, day spas and equipment and product suppliers. NAST will be organising the third Balkan Spa Summit in Serbia in September (see p26).
International Spa & Tourism Association (ISPAT)


Cyprus Spa Association
PO Box 21455, 1509 Nicosia, Cyprus
T: +357 22 88 98 90
E: cyprusspa@ccci.org.cy
Country represented: Cyprus
Description: This association represents the spa industry in Cyprus by protecting and developing the reputation of the country as a spa destination.

The Czech Republic

Association of the Spa Places of the Czech Republic
Czech Association of Wellness
Havelská 23, 110 00 Prague 1,
Czech Republic
T: +420 224 222 368
E: office@spa-wellness.cz
Country represented: the Czech Republic
Description: This association works to develop and promote wellness by publications, conferences and trade fairs; to monitor the quality of ??certification bodies; and to create wellness educational activities, training courses and seminars.

Czech Healing Spa Association (SLL)
Hvozdanska 2053/3, Prague 14800,
Czech Republic
T: +420 222 511 763
E: sekretariat@lecebnelazne.cz
Country represented: the Czech Republic
Description: SLL was established in 1995 and comprises 43 members, of which 41 are health spas, in the Czech Republic. Members must meet strict criteria and have a high-quality service standard.


Estonian Spa Association


French Spa Association (SPA-A)
16 Rue de Liège, Paris 75009, France
T: +33 6 75 75 89 84
E: aldina.duarte-ramos@sofitel.com
Country represented: France
Description: Promoting ethics, quality and professionalism lies at the heart of SPA-A, which comprises owners, experts and managers in the French spa and wellbeing industry. Its aim is to expand and enhance the image of the country’s spas and quality establishments. In 2010, SPA-A launched a Spa Quality Charter delivered by spa industry professionals. Minimum quality requirements concern hygiene, staff training and infrastructure.


German Spa Association/Deutscher Heilbäderverband (DHV)
Reinhardtstrasse 46, 10117 Berlin, Germany
T: +49 30 24 63 692 0
E: info@dhv-berlin.de
Country represented: Germany
Description: DHV comprises the spa associations of the individual federal states, the Association of German Spa Doctors and the Academy of Balneology and Climatology. It represents the shared interests of its members at national, European and international level, in particular towards politicians, public authorities, social insurance providers and other associations. It promotes science, research, training and development in the spa industry and health tourism. The DHV also creates and monitors Germany-wide quality and certification standards.

German Wellness Association/Deutscher Wellness Verband (DWV)
Neusser Str 35, 40219 Dusseldorf, Germany
T: +49 211 168 2090
E: info@wellnessverband.de
Country represented: Germany
Description: DWV serves those seeking wellness as well as those providing services and products. In cooperation with its corporate partner German Wellness Inc, DWV develops quality standards for the wellness market. Providers that fulfil these standards are awarded a seal of approval which is recognised by spa consumers. The seal of approval is well established in Germany and the aim is to extend it across Europe. It has around 200 members.

International Spa & Wellness Association (ISWA), Germany
Richard-Weidlich-Platz 10,
65931 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
T: +49 69 130 25 86 0
E: info@iswa.de
Country represented: Germany
Description: ISWA serves as an independent and objective information centre for the German spa and wellness market. Members include innovative businesses, skilled workers and service providers dealing with the professional spa and wellness sector.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Spa and Wellness Association
C/Los Balcones 4, 35001 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Spain
T: +34 928 367 508
E: info@grancanariawellness.com
Country represented: Gran Canaria
Description: This association was formed in 2004 as a public-private initiative by the Gran Canaria Tourist Board and entrepreneurs from the medical and tourist sectors of the island. One of its main objectives is to position Gran Canaria as a major international health and wellness tourism destination through the promotion and marketing of the island’s natural resources, products and establishments. The association comprises 16 hotels with spa and thalassotherapy facilities, a thalassotherapy centre, and three nationally renown medical groups.


Hellenic Association of Municipalities and Communities with Curative Springs and Spas, Greece
Spa Managers Club of Greece (SMCG)
Alpine Center, 15-17 Thisseos Street, Syntagma, Athens
T: +30 210 89 83 022
E: shofmann@alpine.edu.gr
Country represented: Greece
Description: SMCG was launched at the Alpine Center in 2009 at the Swiss Business School for Hotel & Tourism Management Education in Greece, by a group of spa, beauty and education professionals. Its mission is to promote high quality standards and service in the growing spa industry in Greece. It operates under the auspices of Alpine Center and offers a platform for spa managers to network, share best practices, facilitate employment and student placements to plan for the future.


Hungarian Baths Association
Borostyán Utca 1/B, 1146 Budapest, Hungary
T: +36 1 220 2282
E: info@furdoszovetseg.hu
Country represented: Hungary
Description: The Hungarian Baths Association is a grouping of economic organisations and managers responsible for operating baths and planning their development, construction and maintenance. It has 186 members.

Hungarian Spa Tourism Association
Dob u 33, Budapest 1074, Hungary
T: +36 1 484 0805
E: meme@meme.hu
Country represented: Hungary
Description: This association, connected to the Hungarian Marketing Association for Health Tourism, promotes Hungary’s thermal and wellness baths, hotels and related services to domestic and international markets. Members include spa and bath facilities, medical spa hotels, local governments and education centres.


The Iceland Spa Association


Leading Leisure in Ireland (ILAM)
Allenwood Enterprise Park, Allenwood North, Naas, County Kildare, Ireland
T: +353 45 85 99 50
E: info@ilam.ie
Country represented: Ireland
Description: Originally formed in 1989 as the Institute of Leisure & Amenity Management (ILAM, Ireland), this body represents leisure managers – including spa operators – in Ireland and is funded by the country’s government.


National Spa Association of Lithuania
Vytenio St, 9/25 LT-03113, Vilnius, Lithuania
T: +370 659 19161
E: info@spalietuva.lt
Country represented: Lithuania
Description: The National Spa Association of Lithuania has 21 spa operator members and was formed in 2007 to regulate marketing, set treatment standards and educate on the benefits of spa. From the outset, it called for official documentation, developed by the country’s Ministry of Health, to clarify the method of application for mud and mineral treatments. This resulted in the passing of the Law of Certification of Treatment in November 2012. In collaboration with the Lithuanian Resort Association, it builds awareness of spas by participating in trade shows and events in Lithuania, Russia, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Norway.

The Netherlands

Dutch Spa and Wellness Association
Postbus 130, 3130 AC, Vlaardingen, Holland
T: +31 10 841 60 30
E: info@dswa.nl
Country represented: the Netherlands
Description: DSWA originated from the Dutch Spa Association collaborating with three other industry organisations for beauty (ANBOS), catering (KHN) and recreation (RECRON). This enables it to provide wider industry knowledge and independent research for the country’s spa sector. DSWA has also developed its own quality certification for spas and it works with schools to create a good training structure for the industry.


Association of Polish Spa Communities
Ul Czarny Potok 27/25,
33-380 Krynca-Zdroj, Poland
T: +48 18 477 74 50
E: biuro@sgurp.pl
Country represented: Poland
Description: This association is focused on the promotion of high-quality facilities, such as Polish health resorts. It supports, educates and protects Polish spa communities and has initiated the promotion of its spa tourism services throughout Europe.


Portuguese Spas Association (ATP)
Av Miguel Bombarda, No 110, 2 Dt,
1050-167 Lisbon, Portugal
T: +351 217 940 574/05
E: geral@termasdeportugal.pt
Country represented: Portugal
Description: ATP was established in 1996 as a result of a restructuring of the National Association of Medicinal and Table Mineral Water Industries. With 38 associate members, it seeks to promote and develop the country’s thermal water sources and spas technically, economically and socially.


The Organisation of Spa Owners in Romania (OPTBR)
2 Traian Street, Bl F1, 3rd District, Bucharest 030574, Romania
T: +40 21 322 01 88
E: optbr@bluescreen.ro
Country represented: Romania
Description: OPTBR was set up in 1993 by representatives of the main health resorts in Romania in a bid to promote the spa and wellbeing sector to domestic and international tourists. The association has 62 members, representing almost all the spas in the country.


National Guild of Spa Experts
Ulischa Kamchatskaya 8/2/14,
Moscow 107065, Russia
T: +7 495 226 4289
E: info@russiaspas.ru
Country represented: Russia
Description: This non-profit organisation was launched in 2004 to develop the spa industry in Russia. It has a committee that oversees training and courses cover spa management, spa administration, ayurveda, spa cuisine, therapist training and cosmetology. A second committee oversees marketing and promotes the guild and its members as well as publishing industry-focused books and magazines.

Spa & Wellness
International Council (SWIC)
21-5 Krassina Street,
Moscow 123056, Russia
T: +7 495 764 0203
E: elena@spapriori.ru
Regions represented: Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States
Description: In a major move the SWIC has worked to create state legislation for Russian spas that is now under the government’s consideration. Previously, spa treatments (hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy and massage) were viewed as medicinal practice and by law even a day spa had to employ a medical doctor – it’s hoped that the passing of the new legislation will rectify this. With this work SWIC, which was formed in 2010, is already living up to its mission of promoting international standards in the region’s new spa and wellness industries. It has also just published Spa Red Pages – the first regional spa guide that lists over 300 health resorts in Russia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia.


Serbian Spas Association
Vrnjacka Banja 12A, Belgrade 36210, Serbia
T: +381 36 611 110
E: udruzenjebanja@gmail.com
Country represented: Serbia
Description: The Serbian Spas Association was established in 2010 as a successor to the Association of Spas and Resorts in Serbia that had been in existence since 1970s. Banjas, traditional Serbian spa resorts based on spring waters, have been recognised as a critical economic and tourism asset and since 2008 many of these public medical-focused facilities have gone through privatisation and are being transformed into international wellness resorts. The association’s role is to oversee the improvement and preservation of the banjas. It also brings together local government and health institutions in spas and schools that educate in the fields of balneology, tourism and hydrogeology.


Slovakian Spas Association
PO Box 113, 810 00 Bratislava 1,
Slovak Republic
T: +421 2 5244 4982
E: balneotherma@balneotherma.sk
Country represented: The Slovak Republic
Description: Slovakia’s spa association deals with business projects for spa resorts, hotels and clinics and provides personnel training/courses. It also offers expertise on the country’s natural healing sources – mineral and thermal waters, muds and climatic conditions – used for treatments; and audits spa and health resort medical departments. In addition, it promotes Slovak spas and their offering to travel agencies in America, Canada and Europe.


Slovenian Spas/Skupnost Slovenskih Naravnih Zdraviliš (SSNZ)
Teharska cesta 40,
SI-3000 Celje, Slovenia
T: +386 3 544 21 11
E: info@ssnz.si
Country represented: Slovenia
Description: SSNZ is an umbrella organisation representing all 15 of the country’s state verified natural spas and thermal spas. It offers information on the health and wellness programmes provided by its members, as well as details of accommodation and leisure activities available in the country.


Asociación Nacional de Balnearios (ANBAL)
Calle Rodríguez San Pedro, 56 Izda,
28015 Madrid, Spain
T: +34 902 11 76 22
E: anbal@balnearios.org
Regions represented: Spain and the Balearic Islands
Description: Since its establishment more than 100 years ago, ANBAL’s founding principle remains the same – all its operators members must have mineral-medicinal waters “declared to be of public utility ”. The association currently represents 60 spas and set up its Spanish Spa Club to promote the spa market in Spain.


Swedish Spa Hotels
Föreningen Svenska Spahotell, c/o Vista, Box 3546, 103 69 Stockholm, Sweden
T: +46 70 824 97 21
E: info@svenskaspahotell.se
Country represented: Sweden
Description: Swedish Spa Hotels aims to standardise spa businesses; market member establishments; provide training and networks; query conditions for employers and political decision-making; and be involved in benchmarking. It has introduced a common gift voucher scheme for association members. A fact-finding mission to New York by 29 members of the group during 2012 was considered a great success, with attendees gaining a valuable amount of information on the US spa and wellness markets to utilise in their own businesses in Sweden.


Wellbeing Switzerland/Wohlbefinden Schweiz
Bahnhofstrasse 2,
CH-9100 Herisau, Switzerland
T: +41 71 350 14 14
Country represented: Switzerland
Description: Wellbeing Switzerland is an umbrella organisation for rehabilitation clinics, spas, health spas and hotels throughout Switzerland.


Massage & Natural Therapies Association
Arapsuyu Mah 613 sok, Gulbitti Apt No 2, Konyaalti, Antalya, Turkey 07100
T: +90 532 507 30 09
E: madoted@hotmail.com
Country represented: Turkey
Description: This voluntary, non-profit association was founded in 2005 for professional massage and natural therapists in Turkey. Funds are granted for research, community service, educational initiatives and conferences.

Turkish Spas Thalasso and Health Resorts Association (TURKSPA)
T?bbi Ekoloji ve Hidroklimatoloji ABD, Millet Caddesi 126, Çapa,
Istanbul 34093, Turkey
T: +90 212 635 1201
E: bilgi@spa-turkey.com
Country represented: Turkey
Description: TURKSPA is an organisation representing spa, thalassotherapy and other curative, health and wellness facilities across Turkey. Its goals include protecting the common interests of spas, thalasso and health and cure centres in Turkey, as well as modernising and promoting new facilities.


Ukrainian Spa Association

The United Kingdom

British Association of Beauty & Cosmetology (BABTAC)
Ambrose House, Meteor Court, Barnett Way, Barnwood, Gloucester, Gloucestershire GL4 3GG, UK
T: +44 845 250 7277
E: enquiries@babtac.com
Country represented: The UK
Description: Created in 1977, BABTAC represents around 10,000 beauty professionals in the UK and is one of its longest established membership organisations. Member benefits include the association’s core insurance, training portfolio and Vitality magazine, plus access to Benefits by BABTAC – a free online discount tool offering discounts on suppliers and training.

Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)
18 Shakespeare Business Centre, Hathaway Close, Eastleigh,
SO50 4SR, UK
T: +44 23 8062 4350
E: info@fht.org.uk
Regions represented: Mainly the UK,
but also has Irish and overseas members
Description: The Federation of Holistic Therapists is the leading professional association for complementary, holistic beauty and sports therapists in the UK and Ireland. Founded in 1962, the FHT is a not-for-profit organisation and remains a leading authority in multidisciplinary therapies in these countries. Member benefits include an annual subscription to the International Therapist magazine and discounted insurance policies designed specifically for the beauty, complementary and sports therapy sectors. The association will be hosting its annual Training Congress at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, in May this year.

Oxford House, Sixth Avenue, Sky Business Park, Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN9 3GG, UK
T: +44 845 2 306 080
E: hsasocial@habia.org
Country represented: the UK
Description: Habia, previously an acronym for the hairdressing and beauty industry authority in the UK, was formed in 1997. It’s recognised by, and receives funding from, the country’s government as the Sector Skills Council for the hair, beauty, nails and spa sectors. Its role is to represent the sectors on matters such as training, skills and business development and to create industry specific national occupational standards which form the basis of all qualifications and codes of practice. Significantly, in January, Habia announced that it’s to develop a professional register for spa, nail and beauty qualifications in the UK to measure the multitude of certificates and courses against national standards.

The UK Spa Association
Suite 5-6, Philpot House, Station Road, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 7HH, UK
T: +44 8707 800 787
E: spabusinessassociation@gmail.com
Regions represented: UK and Ireland
Description: This February two previously independent UK spa associations – the British International Spa Association (BISA) and the Spa Business Association (SpaBA) – joined forces to form one unified body for the country’s spa industry. The UK Spa Association has identified three priority areas for development: education; accreditation, benchmarking and the implementing of a code of practice; and market intelligence and providing quality data for the UK spa industry. Figures from BISA and SpaBA will serve on the board of the new association.


Middle East Spa Business Group, Dubai (MESBG)
Coress Solutions International
Secretariat, Middle East Spa Business Group, Sheikh Zayed Road, PO Box 7631, Dubai, UAE
T: +97 14 303 4778
E: csi@emirates.com
Regions represented: The Middle East
Description: MESBG promotes the spa, wellness, health and beauty industries in the Middle East. Members enjoy information sharing and benefits such as spa seminars and workshops, newsletters and updates, regular member meetings and activities, as well as networking with spa, beauty, health and wellness professionals from the UAE and other figures international wellness organisations.


The Spa Association (SPAA)
1001 East Harmony Road, Suite A 167,
Fort Collins, CO 80525, USA
T: +1 970 218 5414
E: melinda@spaminton.com
Regions represented: North America
Description: SPAA provides information, resources and education in the US industry for owners of medical, day spas, resort, hotel and wellness spas.


Alliance Spas Relais santé (SRs)
2984 chemin Milletta, Magog,
QC J1X 0R4, Canada
T: +1 819 868 1553
E: info@spasrelaissante.com
Region represented: Québec
Description: Founded in 1993, this is an alliance and marketing consortia of spas in Québec that meet its criteria for excellence which it developed in 2010. The criteria includes professionalism, quality of care, water quality and hygiene – and its standards in customer service were developed in collaboration with Tourism Québec.

Association Québécoise des spas (AQS)
2984 chemin Milletta, Magog,
QC J1X 0R4, Canada
T: +819 868 1553
E: info@associationquebecoisedesspas.com
Region represented: Québec
Description: The Association Québécoise des spas (AQS) was created in May 2012 following the decision by an existing group of top spa operators in Canada – Alliance Spas Relais santé (SRs) – that a larger, more representative organisation should be created for the whole of Québec’s spa industry rather than just those that meet SRs’ strict standards. AQS will prioritise training and education, lobbying government and sector promotion. It’s also planning to a market study to get a clearer picture of the province’s spa industry.

Leading Spas of Canada (LSC)
2680 Matheson Boulevard, Suite 102, Mississauga, ON L4W 0A5, Canada
T: +1 800 704 6393
E: info@leadingspasofcanada.com
Country represented: Canada
Description: Leading Spas of Canada provides support for the development of the Canadian spa industry and the promotion of Canada as a global spa destination. It represents the broad spectrum of the spa experience, from resort and day spas, destination and mineral springs spas to medical spas, schools and suppliers.

Ontario’s Finest Spas

Ontario’s Premier Spas
20 Main Street North, Waterdown,
ON L0R 2H0, Canada
T: +1 800 990 7702
E: info@ontariospremierspas.com
Region represented: Ontario
Description: Ontario’s Premier Spas is committed to creating a superior standard of spa service in Ontario through member accreditation, professional development, industry advocacy and public education.

United States of America

American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)
500 Davis Street, Suite 900 Evanston,
IL 60201, USA
T: +1 877 905 0577
E: info@amtamassage.org
Country represented: the USA
Description: AMTA is a non-profit, professional association serving massage therapists, students and schools. With more than 56,000 members it promotes massage to the public and healthcare community; works for fair licensing of massage in all US states; actively supports research on massage; and offers local and national networking opportunities.

American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA)
1010 County Rte 561, Voorhees,
NJ 08043, USA
T: +1 856 782 1616
E: office@aobta.org
Country represented: the USA
Description: AOBTA represents instructors, practitioners, schools and students of Asian bodywork therapy which includes all forms of therapeutic bodywork with a theoretical root in Oriental medicine theory, such as acupressure, amma, chi nei tsang, jin shin do®, medical qi gong, shiatsu and tui na.

Arizona Spa & Wellness Association

California Spa Association

Dallas Fort Worth Spa Association

Hawaii Spa Association (Hi-Spa)

Las Vegas Spa Association (LVSA)

National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors and Associations (NCEA)

New England Spa Association

San Diego Spa Association

The Spa Connection (Southern California)

Washington Spa Alliance (WSPA)


Comité International D’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie (CIDESCO)
Waidstrasse 4A, 8037 Zürich,
T: +41 44 448 22 00
E: info@cidesco.com
Regions represented: Countries worldwide
Description: Founded in 1946, CIDESCO is a major global beauty therapy association represented in 30 countries. In 1957, the association developed its widely recognised and highly regarded diploma. Today there are more than 200 CIDESCO-approved schools and 78 accredited beauty centres worldwide. Every year it holds a global congress for its accredited bodies with the 2013 set to take place in Wuhan, China, in November.

Confederation of International Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (CIBTAC)
Unit 1, Ambrose House, Meteor Court, Barnett Way, Gloucester, Gloucestershire GL4 3GG, UK
T: +44 1452 623 114
E: enquiries@cibtac.com
Regions represented: Countries worldwide
Description: Established in 1977 as the education arm of BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology), CIBTAC is a not-for-profit organisation. Each of CIBTAC’s courses are developed through close relationships with government agencies and employers from around the world, ensuring they are tailored to provide for the requirements of the international industry.

Day Spa Association (DSA)
2863 Hedberg Drive, Minnetonka,
MN 55305, USA
T: +1 877 851 8998
E: dsa@dayspaassociation.com
Regions represented: the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East
Description: The Day Spa Association is a professional membership-based trade organisation founded in 1991. It serves as a primary business resource for spa and wellness professionals through educational seminars and workshops, research studies, publications and internet information exchanges. Its members include people working in the areas of spa, salon, fitness, wellness, bodywork, medical, chiropractic, naturopathic, physical therapy, aesthetics, massage therapy, cosmetology, as well as all practitioners within the wider integrative healthcare community.

Green Spa Network (GSN)
PO Box 15428, Atlanta, GA 30333, USA
T: +1 800 275 304
E: jessica@greenspanetwork.org
Regions represented: Countries worldwide
Description: The GSN is devoted to bringing greening and sustainability to the health, wellness and beauty community. The network is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit association and its goal is to introduce sustainable operating practices to the spa industry and promote the natural connections between personal wellbeing, economic sustainability and the health of the planet.

Hydrothermal Spa Forum
Regions represented: Countries worldwide
Description: The Hydrothermal Spa Forum is an alliance of industrial companies from the spa sector, focused on wet and heat experience areas, including Lux Elements, Werner Dosiertechnik (WDT), HygroMatik SPA, InnovagSnowSystems, and Sommerhuber. Its goal is to use the collective know-how of the alliance companies to develop technical quality standards for the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of heat and wet experience areas at an international level.

International Medical Spa
Association (IMSA)
2863 Hedberg Drive, Minnetonka,
MN 55305, USA
T: +1 877 851 8998
E: imsa@medicalspaassociation.org
Regions represented: the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East
Description: This association was formed in 2000 to deal with the integration of spa with medicine. It is the sister organisation to the Day Spa Association, founded in 1991 (also listed in this section). IMSA is dedicated to helping to provide the industry with a myriad of benefits that include: clinical education, practice management, workshops, legislative watch, malpractice insurance, risk management and legal support.

International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology (ISMH)
Department of Medical Ecology & Hydroclimatology, Istanbul Medical Faculty, Istanbul University, Millet cad 126, Capa, Istanbul 34093, Turkey
T: +90 212 635 1201
E: mzkaragulle@tnn.net
Regions represented: Countries worldwide
Description: ISMH aims to design, plan, and coordinate scientific research in the fields of health resort medicine and spa therapy for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation programmes. The organisation represents an international union of physicians, scientists, institutions, associations and societies. This non-profit organisation also distributes knowledge gained from health resort medicine, in addition to supporting affiliated physicians and scientists.

International SPA Association (ISPA)
2365 Harrodsburg Road, Suite A325, Lexington, KY 40504, USA
T: +1 859 226 4326
E: ispa@ispastaff.com
Regions represented: Countries worldwide
Description: The International SPA Association is a global voice of the spa industry. Founded in 1991, it advances the sector by providing educational and networking opportunities, promoting the value of the spa experience and speaking as an authoritative voice to foster spa professionalism and growth. The association conducts much-valued research each year – the ISPA US Spa Industry Study (see p106) reports on the number, type and size of spas in the US, their regional distribution, ownership structure, visitor numbers, revenues and the number of full- and part-time staff. It looks at the service and product offerings of spas too. Currently, ISPA is also working with the Global Spa & Wellness Summit to develop much-needed worldwide standards for spa manager internships, a recognisable career spa for spa therapists and to define the role of a spa manager (see p146). On top of this, it organises the ISPA Conference & Expo annually – an event which is considered a key date for spa leaders, professionals, therapists and vendors worldwide.

Medical Tourism Association (MTA)
10130 Northlake Boulevard,
Suite 214-315, West Palm Beach,
FL 33412, USA
T: +1 561 791 2000
E: info@medicaltourismassociation.com
Regions represented: Countries worldwide
Description: This association is the first and only international non-profit medical tourism and global healthcare association composed of the top international hospitals, healthcare providers, medical travel facilitators and insurance companies. The MTA has three tenets: transparency in quality and pricing, communication and education.

Medical Wellness Association (MWA)
3518 Acacia, Sugar Land,
TX 77479, USA
T: +1 281 313 3040
E: info@medicalwellnessassociation.com
Regions represented: Countries worldwide
Description: This international organisation for medical spa and wellness professionals and programmes across all areas, serves its members, partners and advisors by providing resources and programme definitions as well as professional standards.

Wellness Organization Worldwide (WOW)
Suite 2201, Cityland 10 Tower 2,
154 HV Dela Costa, Corner Valero Sts,
Makati City, Metro Manila,
the Philippines
T: +632 840 0242
E: csperreras@wellnessworldwide.org
Regions represented: Philippines
Description: A not-for-profit organisation, WOW’s goal is to link members of beauty, health and fitness practitioner associations with those in need of their services in homes, workplaces and communities nationwide and worldwide.

Originally published in Spa Business Handbook 2013 edition

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