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21 Sep 2021 World leisure: news, training & property
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United Kingdom
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EGYM's new Fitness Hub makes onboarding quick and easy completing the EGYM ecosystem

EGYM Digital and Hardware blend together to create a seamless customer journey

What we can do for you
EGYM is a global fitness technology leader, providing a network of fitness facility partners with intelligent workout solutions built on a robust ecosystem of connected gym equipment and software.

Through its smart gym equipment, third party integrations and digital solutions, EGYM empowers gym operators to deliver a workout experience that supports their members' lifelong fitness journey. Data-based guidance keeps members engaged and motivated to train towards a future built on good physical and mental health.

Key products and services
EGYM makes exercising smarter, more efficient, more effective and more measurable via its comprehensive suite of connected gym floor equipment and digital products.

This year, EGYM launched Fitness Hub, a fully-integrated solution that augments EGYM’s smart ecosystem for the connected training floor. It combines advanced 3D-imaging technology with machine learning-optimized software to enable efficient and touchless new member onboarding. Further, it provides precise, self-service assessments, helping everyday health-seekers visualize results and remain committed to long-term physical and health goals.

Fitness Hub is the centre-piece of the connected training experience, seamlessly connecting to EGYM’s Smart Strength Series and Smart Flex, automating programming and progression, equipment set up and regular performance feedback.

Fitness Hub also fully integrates with a range of best-in-class third party data providers including body analysers, cardio equipment and fitness trackers. Data is pooled, interpreted and stored in the EGYM Cloud and fed back to the member through a single lens, in easy to understand formats that drive motivation. information is viewable anytime, anywhere via the fully customisable, EGYM Member App, making EGYM the perfect holistic, digitally driven and health oriented training partner for everyone.

Through its unique BioAge function, EGYM feeds real time performance data to members, based on a number of scientifically based health indicators. Helping members to understand and measure the direct link between training effort and health improvements is an age old challenge that BioAge solves.

EGYM enables gym operators to join the dots between exercise and health outcomes, addressing the age-old challenge of enabling members to understand and fully appreciate the positive correlation between structured, targeted training and health achievements.

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