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22 Sep 2021 World leisure: news, training & property
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Company profile
Pendex Fisio S.L.
Rocio de Nagueles
Calle Campanillas 8

Elena Balkarova

Pendex machines deliver therapeutic value

The Pendex training method is based on 40 years’ of biomechanical rehabilitation protocols, collected while using the pendulum exercise protocols which were developed by Dr Eugene Blum and – until now – used exclusively for clients rehabilitating in his private clinic in Marbella, Spain.

Main products and services
Pendex programmes are delivered using 12 smart training machines, the design of which correlates with the anatomy of the body.

The workouts delivered are unique. The preconditions which indicate a need for Pendex training – among others – are: scoliosis and posture disorders; flat feet; x-shaped leg curvature; hip joints asymmetry; skewed pelvis; muscular-articular imbalances and large joints arthritis and arthrosis.

They are also effective for cardiovascular diseases prevention; resolution of headaches and insomnia; blood pressure regulation; recovery from injuries, back/joints pain; chest mobility restoration; the improvement of lung function; chronic fatigue and burn-out and; weight correction.

Having Pendex equipment creates the option of offering biomechanical-diagnostic and feedback-led customised training programmes of precise, guided exercises, which give measurable results.

A major strength that only the Pendex system offers is activating the body’s deepest, vital core muscles.

Other training equipment focuses mainly on cardiovascular fitness or building larger muscles, completely missing the activation of essential deep core muscles.

Pendex exercises are highly intuitive, extremely efficient, very effective and remarkably enjoyable. The set of Pendex exercise machines is a one-of-a-kind system that works for everyone, no matter their age, gender, physical condition or goals.

Pendex creates individual training programmes taking into account age, physical activity level, height, weight, lifestyle and medical concerns. Only one employee is needed to set up and run the Pendex studio.

Top clients
Kinesiotherapy Center, Vilnius, Lithuania and Mustang Nutrition Technology Moscow, Russia.

Where in the world?
Our goal is to make Pendex training exercises accessible for all humans worldwide.

Future plans
Pendex is actually considered as a start-up or MVP. The company is looking for a B2B deal to sell a controlling stake in the business, either through acquisition or via other proposals to develop a business together.

Who’s who?
Elena Balkarova, director of Pendex Fisio SL; Yury Kokloshansky, IT and technical support; Tatiana Carvalho, brand development consultant

What the clients say
“The Pendex training goal is to activate and strengthen the optimal functioning of the musculoskeletal system that is vital for overall wellbeing. The result feels fast, it promotes a burst of energy, augments efficiency and increases positive emotions." – Alexey Martynenko, CEO, Mustang Nutrition Technology

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