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Attractions Management
2019 issue 2

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Leisure Management - Red Raion - Building a new IP

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Red Raion - Building a new IP

Red Raion, the CGI studio specialised in media based attractions, has collaborated with Unlimited Leisure Holdings to create a new 4D movie, which will be presented at Unlimited Snow’s newest park. Valeria Rizzo, business development director at Red Raion, takes us through the development process

Valeria Rizzo, PR & Business Development Director
Miko, a little marmot, encounters a magic stone that reverses the flow of time and changes the seasons
The immersive movie was created for Unlimited Snow in Oman

Opening inside the brand new Mall of Muscat, Unlimited Snow will be the first snow-based theme park to come to Oman. Following a Swiss theme, the attraction will have climbing walls, a snowball arena, slides, inflatable bumper cars an ice carousel and, most importantly, a 4D cinema.

“Unlimited Leisure was looking to hire a film studio that could produce the first movie based on their own IP”

says Valeria Rizzo, business development director. “This would launch at its Oman snow park in an 80-seat 4D cinema.”

Called Miko and the Spell of the Stone, Red Raion has created a custom 4D movie for the attraction, which features a family of marmots and alpine wildlife on an adventure. Miko, a little marmot, encounters a magic stone, which reverses the flow of time, changing the seasons. Miko must then go on an adventure to get winter back.

“During our first conversation, the client felt it was in good hands understanding that we have a clear and standardised process for both pre-during and post-production,” says RIzzo.

“We could give them the content they were expecting to have in the necessary timeframe and at a reasonable budget for our industry.”

The pre-production process started with Red Raion’s Magicboard, a product that gives the client the chance to have a detailed script and a coloured storyboard that acts as an exact preview of how the final movie will look, with exact costs and delivery time.

Miko is set to premiere in Oman later this year, with the film now ready to be distributed to new and existing Unlimited Leisure snow parks around the world.

“Considering their snow parks are visited by kids and families, Miko and the Spell of the Stone is the perfect movie for whoever enjoys a sweet but thrilling tale,” says Rizzo.

“We specialise in CGI content for media-based attractions. Thanks to this focus, we’re able to suggest the best immersive content according to location and provide the right solution for a venue.

“We make sure the client’s selection fits perfectly with the intended audience and, during the year, we ask how the guests have reacted to the movies and make further suggestions on what new movies they would like us to produce next.”

Antonio Cannata, strategy director and co-founder at Red Raion
Antonio Cannata

How do you work with your clients to ensure they get the product they desire?
“We help shopping malls and FECs that have XD/dome/VR simulators with licensed movies since we have a library that grows every year and that can be enjoyed by kids, families and thrill seekers.

“For venues with a strong theme such as theme parks and museums, we recommend CGI tailor-made contents for their media based attractions so they can increase their brand value over time and by doing so, they can express their own story, show their mascots and create exciting adventures directly connected to the experience.”

What makes this project stand out?
“Miko and The Spell of the Stone is the first CGI film for indoor snow parks developed by Unlimited Leisure. It will be screened in a 4D cinema inside a room with a very low temperature, recreating the cold as if you are in an Alpine environment.”

What makes Red Raion stand out from its competitors?
“We know exactly how to create a content depending on specific hardware and its technical requirements. We also analyse creative aspects and by the time we finish, our client’s movie will perfectly match the attraction.

“Holding our activities in-house, we also have direct communication with our clients who need CGI content for their attractions. This means that our client won’t have to deal with middlemen and companies that do other types of 3D work. This will avoid the unpleasant situation of incurring in delays, misunderstandings and any issues that could lead to a budget raise.”

Kees Albers, founder at Unlimited Leisure Holding
Kees Albers

How did the project come about?
“Originally, we were seeking an external IP and actually had an agreement for use of the Ice Age franchise, which we were quite excited about. When new management at the IP provider did not want to pursue this any longer, we decided to create our own IP and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We’ve since developed a story-based attraction, dedicated music, apps, games, merchandising and more.”

How was working with Red Raion?
“We’re pleased to have landed at Red Raion for the creation of an affordable 3D animation film solution, from concept to production. We’ve very much enjoyed working with them and are looking forward to our first film.”

What was the development process like?
“After reading the script, we got the chance to see the coloured storyboard with clear scenes and included dialogues. It was really useful to us, both as a creative concept and gave a clear direction before starting the actual production of our movie.

“It all went very smoothly. Red Raion had great ideas for a story and was very much willing to accommodate our input.”

What’s next?
“We plan to develop more attractions including AR and VR experiences. Our highly ambitious aim is to build the Miko and friends brand up to eventually produce a feature-length film, following in the footsteps of Ice Age, Happy Feet and Frozen. There’s a lot of work ahead!”

Originally published in Attractions Management 2019 issue 2

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