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Health Club Management
2019 issue 6

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Leisure Management - Chris Hemsworth

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Chris Hemsworth

In the name of work, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has undergone impressive physical transformations for film roles such as Thor in The Avengers and Marvel films. Inspired by the public’s interest in his workouts, he’s now created a health and fitness app called Centr that utilises the expertise of his team of world-class experts

The actor is known for his punishing cross-training exercise regimes
The Centr app has been developed by Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky
Elsa Pataky
Chris trains with Navy SEAL trainer Joseph Sakoda AKA ‘Da Rulk’
Centr features Hemsworth’s team of world-class fitness, nutrition and wellness experts
Users can choose from three fitness options: ‘build muscle’, ‘get fit and toned’ and ‘lose weight’
The app offers new healthy recipes each week, tailored to different dietary needs
The app offers new healthy recipes each week, tailored to different dietary needs

If anyone knows a thing or two about getting fit, it’s the guy who plays Thor.

Chris Hemsworth has transformed his body to play the Norse god of thunder in the Marvel films numerous times, reportedly gaining over 20lbs of muscle to play the role.

Audiences around the world have been so impressed with Thor’s ripped body that Hemsworth’s various workouts have become some of the most popular searches on Google.

Inspired by this overwhelming interest, the 35-year-old Australian actor is now capitalising on his reputation as a god in the gym with a new health and fitness app called Centr.

The app is a personalised digital health and fitness programme curated by Hemsworth, which offers content designed by and featuring members of his team of world-class fitness, nutrition and wellness experts.

“I believe we all have untapped potential,” Hemsworth has said. “And we all need support to achieve our goals. Centr puts the world’s best experts in the palm of your hand, to help you develop a healthier body, stronger mind, and a happier life.”

Customised workouts
The Centr programme can be customised to suit any fitness level and a range of dietary or lifestyle needs. Accessible via iOS app, Apple Watch and online, it offers daily workouts, meal plans and meditation, as well as a 24/7 community where users can find support, extra tips and behind-the-scenes extras to improve their quality of life.

The training programme allows users to choose their trainer and set their goals and workout intensity. Workouts can be self-guided or coached, and users can train at the gym or at home in as little as 20 minutes. Workouts include boxing, HIIT, HIRT, functional training, strength training, MMA, boxing and yoga.

Centr by Chris Hemsworth

What’s the app about?
The strapline is Train, Eat, Live. It enables you to ‘follow Hemsworth’s regime’ for between £15.49/m and £93.99/yr with a free seven day trial.

What are the fitness elements?
Three options are on offer: ‘build muscle’, ‘get fit and toned’ and ‘lose weight’. New workouts are loaded every week. Centr’s experts include meditation specialist Fabrice Midal; bio-hacker Dr Andy Walshe; Hemsworth’s wife, mind body expert Elsa Pataky; trainer Luke Zocchi; stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton; black belt Tiffiny Hall; Navy Seal Joseph Sakoda (AKA Da Rulk); boxing coach Michael Olajide Jr; yoga teacher Tahl Rinsky; vegan bodybuilder Torre Washington; pilates teacher Syliva Roberts; kickboxer Jorge Blanco; creator of Foundation Training Dr Eric Goodman; psychotherapist Alexis Naim; celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson; chefs Darren Robertson, Sergio Perera and Dan Churchill; organic farmer Palisa Anderson; yoga teacher Ally Bogard; and nutritionist Simon Hill.

What else is on offer?
New recipes are published every week in four categories – vegan, pescetarian, vegetarian and regular, with accompanying detailed shopping lists.

Originally published in Health Club Management 2019 issue 6

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