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Spa Business
2019 issue 2

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Leisure Management - Gharieni - Luxury Recognition

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Gharieni - Luxury Recognition

Gharieni has long been known as an industry innovator. Now, Forbes Travel Guide has named the company as its official Spa & Wellness Equipment Manufacturer. Sammy Gharieni tells us more

Sammy Gharieni is an innovator, creating unique experiences like the Spa.Wave system
The Psammo quartz bed brings ancient traditions into a modern setting
Spa.Wave system
the new MLR Select Vintage features retro styling.
The Libra Edge with horizontal shower and chromatherapy

Gharieni has just been selected as a Forbes Travel Guide Official Brand – what does this mean and why is it an important recognition?
Being named the Official Spa & Wellness Equipment Manufacturer for Forbes Travel Guide – the global authority on luxury travel, which represents the best products and services in the luxury hospitality industry – shows that Gharieni embodies the core values and exacting quality standards demanded by FTG, which is the only independent, global rating system for luxury hotels, restaurants and spas.

This great recognition by Forbes Travel Guide serves to reinforce our commitment to delivering stellar service, supreme comfort and impeccable design to our partners in the hotel and resort category. From the initial design concept to the installation of our equipment, we strive to deliver a memorable and impactful treatment experience to both guest and provider, by incorporating multi-sensorial components and full customisation capabilities.

This acknowledgement by Forbes Travel Guide reinforces our mission to provide the utmost attention to design detail and differentiation in our equipment and furnishings.

Can you tell us about some of the unique products and experiences you’ve created?
Innovation is our passion. We allow for transformation of flexible spaces within the treatment rooms while retaining efficiency, functionality, and design aesthetic. Our partnerships outside the industry have led to the creation of binaural and augmented technologies built into our treatment beds, thereby incorporating equipment into treatment protocols.

From the moment Gharieni entered the spa and wellness category, its mission was to upend the tried and true, and focus on creating equipment that would elevate a spa experience and even integrate it within the protocols.

Our Psammo quartz treatment bed brought ancient traditions into a modern setting by offering massage and body modalities on a bed composed of mineral quartz. Enhanced by features such as inversion gravity, aromatherapy, thermal heat and built-in massage functions, the quartz bed allows the guest and therapist to completely immerse themselves into the treatment.

The Spa.Wave System features binaural technology, used for PTSD, anxiety and stress, and is supplemented with a floatation mattress that carries the sound through the body. In this age of digital detox, where guests are looking to reduce stress, improve sleep and lessen anxiety, it is an ideal remedy.

Lastly, the HydroSpa collection reimagined what was once a dormant category by incorporating a built-in sound system, chromatherapy and cadenced shower heads to stimulate and invigorate the hydrotherapy experience.

You’ve just debuted the MLR Select Vintage – where did your inspiration come from?
Heralding the return of retro trends in furniture but adapting it to the spa and wellness category will challenge designers to gain inspiration from the past and fuse it with modern details and inventiveness.

Inspired by Patchwork, a technique of cutting and sewing small pieces of fabric to create larger textiles, this innovative approach to furniture design interprets the idea of joining diverse wood and other panels together and showcasing high contrast colours and textures. Contrasting wood tones and a mixture of vertical and horizontal directions for depth are combined with solid metal components to give the table a modern yet authentic connection to the past. Harkening back to the industrial and functional furnishings of the 1940s and 50s, when durability and practicality reigned supreme, these contemporary design interpretations are ideal for the needs of today’s spas.

Skillfully made with great attention to detail and materials, the MLR- Select Vintage treatment bed features all the accoutrements that Gharieni is known for. To complete the treatment room, an accompanying trolley and matching sideboard are available. In addition to the wood finishes pictured, the Vintage collection can be rendered into limitless possibilities to adapt to each design aesthetic.

The MLR-Select Vintage will be available from June 2019, and has two strong lifting columns, lowerable and swivelling armrests, adjustable head, back, leg and foot areas, generous storage space and the Trendelenburg function, as well as a wide range of additional options to customise for a particular spa’s needs.

What other news do you have on the horizon?
We are always looking ahead and have been fine-tuning technology. We are expanding our footprint globally, and now have a presence in more than 100 countries, and we plan to open more operational showrooms around the world.

We have also recently instituted revenue sharing with some of our favoured partners, who have greatly reaped the benefits.

In September, we’re planning an industry party at ISPA to delight and surprise our partners. The amusement and joy experienced at the Phoenix Children’s museum last year will be even more unexpected and tantalizing this year, since the conference is being held in Las Vegas again!

Originally published in Spa Business 2019 issue 2

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