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Global Halotherapy Solutions

True halotherapy disperses salt in the form of a dry aerosol, which makes it easier to absorb through the skin or inhale into the lungs. Steve Spiro, founder at Global Halotherapy Solutions, explains more

Steve Spiro, founder, Global Halotherapy Solutions
The Halo FX is a lightweight halogenerator with a small footprint
The Halo FX can be used in massage rooms, lounge areas and movement studios, making it ultra-versatile

Halotherapy, the use of salt vapours to treat respiratory problems, skin complaints and stress issues, is often confused with Himalayan salt therapy. While similar in concept – both use salt for therapeutic benefit – the therapies are completely different in execution. Himalayan salt treatments involve exposing users to salt through a salt wall or salt crystals. This kind of salt therapy does have some benefit, but is thought to not be as effective as halotherapy.

Halotherapy, however, uses a halogenerator, a machine that crushes salt and disperses it in the form of a dry aerosol. This allows the salt to be absorbed into the skin and inhaled into the lungs, where it can deliver the most benefit.

Benefits of halotherapy
When inhaled as an aerosol, salt can ease the symptoms of chronic respiratory problems, including: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, asthma, sinusitis, hay fever and other airborne allergens. It can also ease the symptoms of acute or chronic respiratory illnesses, viral infections and chronic, ear-nose-and-throat illnesses.

Halotherapy can also be used to treat skin conditions, including acne, psoriasis and eczema. Aerosolized salt has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling and redness, prevent acne from forming and provide relief from irritation.

Other reported benefits of halotherapy include increased energy levels and mental alertness, and a reduction in stress levels and headaches.

“Halogenerators produce halotherapy by crushing pure, pharmaceutical salt into micro-particles that go deep into the lungs and on the skin,” explains Steve Spiro, founder and managing partner at Global Halotherapy Solutions (GHS). “Without a halogenerator, it’s just not halotherapy.”

The latest technology
GHS has recently launched the Halo FX, a sleek, lightweight halogenerator that provides an authentic halotherapy experience. The Halo FX has a small footprint, is easy to install and features a number of different settings. It has also been certified by Underwriter Laboratories (UL), an American company that ensures safety standards in electronics.

“The Halo FX can be put into massage rooms or lounge areas, or movement studios,” says Amy McDonald, spa and wellness advisor at GHS. “This allows operators to use the space available to earn revenue, and offer classes in a room that has the added health benefits of halotherapy.”

GHS offers pre-built salt cabins, booths, beds and the low-priced, portable HaloFX Mini, which features shorter treatment times – perfect for time-starved clients – and requires no additional labour to operate to earn incremental revenue.

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Originally published in Spa Business Handbook 2017 edition

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