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Health Club Management
2016 issue 9

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Leisure Management - Stay on track

Activity tracking

Stay on track

Fitness trackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated – and popular. Tom Walker looks at some of the hottest products on the market

Tom Walker, Leisure Media


Product: Atlas Wristband

The Atlas Wristband is geared toward strength training, instead of just cardio-based exercises such as running and cycling. The device measures gym activities by analysing wrist motions in 3D and then comparing them against an inbuilt library of common exercises.

The wristband can be programmed to guide the user and keep track of their progress, as well as acting like an electronic personal trainer.

The moment the wearer hits his or her rep goal, they feel a vibration to signal the beginning of rest time. When it’s time to start on the next set, Atlas gives out another signal. The wristband is also waterproof to a depth of 30 meters.

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Atlas Wristband

Product: Beast

While there are now data capture tech solutions which allow the tracking and measuring of weight training – such as PushStrength and GymWatch –Italian-designed Beast is looking to disrupt the market by displaying results in real time.

Beast’s magnetic sensor can be attached to weights – such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells or gym machines – as well as to the body during free training. The sensor is then linked to a smartphone app to record the data and produce a live stream showing effort levels.

Users are able to review their performance in detail during rest time, get suggestions from Beast, and improve training by adjusting loads, sets or reps based on their training goals.

fitness-kit.net keyword: BEAST


Beast’s magnetic sensor

Product: Samsung Gear Fit2

With its eye-catching design and sophisticated tracking abilities, Gear Fit2 aims to secure a market for itself as a hybrid between a smartwatch and a fitness device.

Its key strengths are its design and self-activating tracking mechanisms: Gear Fit2 is able to automatically track the steps and other forms of exercise undertaken by its owner – such as riding a bike, using a rowing machine, doing squats and even yoga poses. It can detect when the user is sleeping, and estimate the daily calorie spend based on activity. It also checks the user’s heart rate every 10 minutes.

Fit2 then takes all the data it gathers and uses it to produce a 24-hour log of the user’s activities.

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Samsung Gear Fit2

Product: Fitbit Blaze

The newest product in the Fitbit family of trackers is being marketed as being fit not just for the gym but also for the boardroom.

The unit itself now looks more like a designer watch, and the user is also given the opportunity to add a high level of customisation to its look and feel, as the straps can be easily replaced and swapped depending upon their attire.

Fitbit Blaze is designed to be worn throughout the day and night and measures pretty much everything during that time – steps, calories burned, stairs climbed, active time, resting heart rate and even quality of sleep.

The user is also offered a number of sport modes to choose from, which will record different activities using the built-in heart rate monitor.

When paired up with a smartphone armed with a GPS sensor, Fitbit can also act as a running watch.

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The Fitbit Blaze

Product: Gymwatch

German-designed Gymwatch is based on a patented sensor and, when it first launched in 2014, was one of the first trackers designed to measure the motion and strength expended in a wide range of exercises – encompassing both cardio and strength work. 

The latest, updated version – which is compatible with the Apple Watch – was launched earlier this year.

Strapped around a user’s arm or leg muscles (or both with two sensors), the device includes an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer to record the course of limb movements on all axes and measure the time under tension of different muscle contractions.

Programmed to recognise more than 900 different activities, Gymwatch can be connected to iOS and Android apps to provide feedback on the exercise sessions, to help users perform the exercises properly and get maximum results.

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Gymwatch measures limb movements

Product: Vi

Developed by Israeli technology firm LifeBeam, Vi is a personal training product driven by artificial intelligence (AI). The product is designed to harness the user’s data to provide customised two-way fitness coaching.

Part fitness tracker, part smartwatch, part PT, Vi applies AI to the user’s workout data, biometrics and goals to coach them through tailored workout plans. It will also adapt these plans according to terrain, weather and location.

As well as talking to its owner, Vi can also play their favourite music (via Spotify and Apple Music) through its Harman/Kardon-designed headphones – and even enable the receiving of phone calls.

The product contains a string of sensors and is worn around the neck, attached to two headphones – which relay workout feedback from Vi – and a microphone for the user to speak to her. It also communicates with the user via text message, asking for feedback on mood, sleep quality and body condition.

See p14 for more information.

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Vi has a string of sensors worn around the neck

Product: Moov NOW

Launched on 16 July, Moov Now is marketed as the wearable fitness product which goes “further than any other on the market”. The bold claim by its creator – California-based company Moov Inc – is based on the product being a virtual coach.

Moov Now has the ability to provide real-time feedback with actionable insight into every workout, so users not only know the number of kilometres they’ve run or laps they’ve swum, but how to improve every movement.

The product tracks activity and form while exercising and also provides real-time audio and visual guidance on the user’s activities. For example, when running, the user is advised when to land softer, shorten stride or pick up the pace.

For swimming, the programme provides automatic lap, stroke and turn breakdown, while the cycling programme monitors speed, distance, cadence and elevation. It also provides gear coaching for the rider. There are also seven-minute workout and cardio boxing programmes.

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Moov Now acts like a virtual coach to its users

Originally published in Health Club Management 2016 issue 9

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