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Health Club Management
2016 issue 1

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Leisure Management - Physical Company promotion

Promotional feature

Physical Company promotion

Physical Company signs Dame Kelly Holmes as its APEX Ambassador

APEX is a ready-made gym floor group training solution
Holmes says the sessions feel like a master PT class
Holmes’ feedback on APEX has been ‘invaluable’

Physical Company has signed Dame Kelly Holmes MBE, DBE as an ambassador for its APEX gym floor training programmes. The 2004 double Olympic 800m and 1500m champion, Kelly Holmes remains a force to be reckoned with in the fitness world and is renowned for keeping fit, lean and strong herself while encouraging others to engage in physical activity.

APEX is a series of six, 30-minute programmes designed to revitalise the gym floor and reignite members’ interest. The sessions are designed to be delivered by gym instructors and personal trainers, ensuring a high level of interaction with groups of up to 12 members.

Clubs and gyms can choose as many of the programmes as they wish to suit their demographic. Physical Company provides face-to-face training to get the clubs and gyms up and running with APEX. Additional training cards and access to an extensive exercise library give on-going support and content. The sessions are designed to be changed at least every 12 weeks to keep the exercises fresh and challenging.

Excellent instruction
“I like the way APEX gives people the opportunity to work in a group environment with a range of different exercises and a variety of equipment,” says Kelly. “The programme includes excellent instruction by the trainers which I think is missing a lot in group training at the moment,” she continues. “It’s impressive how the instructors get really involved in the session and give teaching points as well as shouting at you - it feels like a master PT class.”

APEX is a ‘ready made’ gym floor group training solution which can bolster the class timetable, bring fresh energy to the gym floor and develop strong relationships between personal trainers and members.

Favoured by Freedom Leisure
Freedom Leisure is seeing great success with APEX. It currently runs two of the six available sessions across 13 sites and it has more centres coming on board with the concept each month. The structure of the programming, with its variety and versatility, are key to its success says Richard Merrick, Freedom Leisure Group Fitness and Wellbeing Manager. “Gym floor training is not a new concept but the way Physical Company has developed the APEX series, its attention to detail and genuinely innovative exercises and programme combinations give it the edge,” he says. “I’m genuinely pleased with this and can see it will have a place in our long-term future plans here at Freedom Leisure.”

“APEX is the perfect combination of bespoke programming that you can buy ‘off the peg’ and this makes it affordable and adaptable for us,” Richard continues. “I like the fact that there is some uniformity across the group, yet the programming is versatile enough to be changed to suit our members, the space available and the kit that we have to hand.”

Clubs can choose from six programmes

Kelly Holmes particularly likes the Agility high intensity session.

“This is a great athletic workout designed to boost sporting performance,” she says. “It keeps me really focused and the clever use of equipment makes it different from a traditional HIIT class.”


Implements functional strength training techniques – great for people who want to get stronger and who are looking for maximum training efficiency.

Advanced approach to core training that develops trunk stability and helps strengthen the spine. Great for people who want to improve core strength, posture, and balance.

A Total Body workout that is designed to get people leaner, fitter and faster. Great for those people who want to take advantage of short intense workouts and to also improve their body composition.

A next generation approach to recovery and performance that enhances muscle function, speed and recovery and reduces injury. Great for reducing tension, trigger points and for mitigating wear and tear.

This ‘train like an athlete’, performance-orientated workout is great for people who are looking for a playful, fun, athletic workout and to also improve balance, stability and co-ordination.

A steady yet challenging session for older adults to improve mobility, balance, co-ordination and cardiovascular health. Great for people who want to reduce the impact of ageing and improve movement.

Point of difference
APEX is also proving to be a powerful point of difference and retention tool for Freedom Leisure. “Having these gym floor sessions helps set us aside from nearby competition and the budget gym offering,” says Richard. “Now when we are looking to upgrade our gyms, we are building in functional training
areas and kitting them out ready to take APEX as we know these sessions will bring an uplift in gym usage and attendance.”

“We are delighted to be working with Kelly Holmes and her insight into our programming and feedback has been really helpful,” says John Halls, Physical Company MD. “APEX is a great solution for both members and club managers,” he continues. “Gym users gain by training in a fresh new way with a high level of motivation from the personal training aspect while clubs can offer an enhanced member experience and maximise the use of their gym floor and functional training areas.” To find out more about APEX get in touch with Physical Company by phone or email.

TEL: +44 (0)1494 769222
EMAIL: apex@physicalcompany.co.uk
WEB: www.physicalcompany.co.uk


Originally published in Health Club Management 2016 issue 1

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