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Spa Business
2014 issue 3

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Leisure Management - Operator case studies – part 3

Spa software

Operator case studies – part 3

We take a look at how spas around the world are using software to boost their business, and highlight some of the latest launches

Jason Holland, Leisure Media

High praise for ManageMySpa in the Philippines

A desire to work with a single software provider influenced Blue Water Capitol’s decision to select ManageMySpa.

The day spa and medi-spa – which is located in Manila, the Philippines and caters to a high-end market – has been using the software since 2013. Owner Kristoffer Magcalas says that he picked ManageMySpa because of its mobile functionality, marketing tools and management capabilities.

Its booking app has been popular and Magcalas says more than 75 per cent of the spa’s regular clientele now uses it to make appointments. He’s also impressed with the marketing tools: “With more than 8,000 customers, I’m able to easily filter the database to create targeted promotions. I’m not limited to event-based or seasonal promotions any more and I no longer have to hire a marketing agency.”

As a direct result, it’s helped to “boost membership sales significantly” – spa memberships now account for 30 per cent of revenue.

ManageMySpa has also helped operations at Blue Water Capitol. “They went beyond scheduling and billing, with modules that integrated employee management, marketing
and inventory,” says Magcalas, adding that he no longer needs to use Excel for stock checks. That’s because the inventory feature integrates with the rest of the software, so that stock levels are updated in real-time when retail and services are sold.

On top of that, ManageMySpa provides essential tracking tools for spa managers. “I personally find the mobile app for managers useful because it gives a straightforward view of what’s happening in my spa on a day to day basis. So, even if I’m not at the facility, I know whether things are on track,” says Magcalas.

Overall he feels that ManageMySpa is “critical to my spa operation and it helps me maintain high customer satisfaction and better utilise my staff.”

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Magcalas picked ManageMySpa for its mobile functionality and management capabilities
Spa Leamington’s SMART move with Shortcuts

When Mark Phillpot bought The Spa Leamington UK day spa four years ago he inherited Shortcuts software, but quickly saw its benefits.

As well as being a comprehensive point of sale solution, the Shortcuts system has a range of SMART online ‘add on’ products which Phillpot uses. The integrated products allow him to check client feedback, compare parts of the business against industry benchmarks and monitor online booking.

GiftME is one particular product that’s driven new business says Phillpot. The fully-integrated, online gift card provides merchandisable cards which can be processed online, in real-time. The Short- cuts software enables cross-promotion of the cards in emails, and the spa had £15,000 (US$25,520, €18,840) worth of gift card sales in December 2013. Being
an integrated solution, Shortcuts can also track the sales of products such as GiftME, which is useful for reporting and security.

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The day spa has had particular success with Shortcuts’ gift card system
Japanese consultancy selects Paradigm Shift

Wellness Arena, which deals with the planning and management of a number of hotel spas in Japan, selected Paradigm Shift’s SpaConnect software because of the detailed insights it gives into spa operations.

“SpaConnect is very efficient in han- dling the day-to-day spa operations,” says Wellness Arena president Takako Kajikawa, adding that the software has helped it to improve revenue while also boosting business.

She explains that by using SpaConnect’s multiple analytical tools, Wellness Arena has been able to identify its best-selling treatments and treatment room occupancy. Armed with this data and other comprehen- sive reports from SpaConnect, the company has been able to focus its operations and improve its service.
Wellness Arena manages hotel spas across Japan for independent opera- tors and high-end companies such as InterContinental. Its planning and management team consists of experts in design, medical care, exercise, hospi- tality, food and agriculture. Together they create customised spa treatments and programmes, which frequently change according to seasons and trends. As such, the company needed a software system capable of dealing with complex and changeable services.
Kajikawa explains that SpaConnect marries up treatment room specifica- tions and therapist skills to determine when and where to schedule some of the more in-depth services. She finds this function “is most helpful, especially during busy periods.”

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Wellness Arena plans and manages a number of hotel spas in Japan

Takako Kajikawa
Filling in the Gappt at Myoka Spas

Myoka Spas, which runs spas in four luxury hotels in Malta, has signed a deal with mobile marketing specialist Gappt to help it fill spare time slots and deal with cancellations effectively.

Gappt’s service gives operators access to a cloud-based publishing and communi- cation platform which they can use to send out details about last-minute appoint- ments and promotions directly to their customers via the Myoka-branded mobile app, rather than third-party channels.

“The app is visually attractive, practical and spa customers – due to their busy lifestyle – can use it to see any last-minute availability or deals,” says Anna Hanmore, marketing manager at Myoka Spas. “It’s
a great way to attract more hotel and non-hotel guests to our spas.”

Hanmore sees Gappt as a way of com- municating with Myoka’s target audience “cheaply and effectively”, and notes that it also avoids over exposing special deals. As a result, Myoka can focus “all its energies on our existing database and marketing to high repeat customers”.

She’s particularly impressed with Gappt’s push notifications feature, which updates customers with information that they have opted in for. “This is very useful in our line of business as we often have last minute offers which need to be advertised that same day,” says Hanmore.

After two months, Myoka has already seen a direct result from implementing the app. Seven out of 10 last-minute availability gaps it publishes on Gappt now get snapped up.

Hanmore says customers find it easy to use and also feel the spa delivers a higher level of service because of it. “If they’re in their hotel room and wondering if there are any last-minute treatments available, they can simply check the app or sub- scribe to push notifications for particular treatments, and request an appointment.”

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Seven out of 10 last-minute appointments now get snapped up thanks to the app
Database and invoicing upgrades for SpaSoft

The latest version of SpaSoft ( now has an historical database structure for booking and point of sale modules. This enables properties with large databases to move old information from the main system to free up storage and speed up the system. However, the data will still be readily accessible.

Another new feature is a multi- business centre invoice numbering module. This allows spas with mixed ownership or remote locations to separately track point of sale documents.

The release also includes new interfaces including RunIT POS Inventory Control and an inventory interface from Adaco.

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Improvements free-up storage and help speed-up the system
Book4Time launches mobile booking app

Book4Time has created a booking app for iPhones and plans to launch an Android version this month. Bliss Spas is one of the first operators to sign up for it.

The app can be customised with logos, images and wording and Roger Sholanki, the CEO and founder of Book4Time feels this will help to create a lasting connection.

The app pulls from a spa’s exist- ing client database, which gives customers access to their purchase history and preferred therapists. In addition, the app includes an integrated content management system so spas can send quick updates and push promotions directly to their clients.

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Bliss is one of the first spa operators to use Book4Time’s booking app
SpaBooker partners with hospitality software vendor

SpaBooker, the spa management software company, has announced a tie-up with hospitality system supplier Infor.

Under the agreement, Infor will integrate SpaBooker software into its Hospitality Management Solution (HMS), which is aimed at hotels and has more than 70,000 customers. The integrated solution is purchased directly from Infor.

SpaBooker’s cloud-based platform offers online booking using desktop, mobile and tablet devices. It also features scheduling, reporting and other spa management tools.

In other news, SpaBooker has signed strategic deals with search and mapping websites Yelp and MapQuest. Both deals are designed to enable spa operators using the SpaBooker system to be more ‘discoverable’ and bookable by consumers.

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Infor will integrate with SpaBooker software
ResortSuite launches tablet-based check-in app

ResortSuite has released a tablet-based check-in application. Called ResortSuite SPA Check-In, it’s designed to streamline the first step of the spa journey for both guest and staff. It enables staff members to check a guest in efficiently from an arrivals list and view details about them and their services. It then allows staff to switch to a Guest Mode and hand the tablet over to the guest where they can complete an intake form and questionnaire. Itinerary and service details can also be viewed. The app, which is part of the ResortSuite Operations framework, synchronises with the SPA (Services, Programs, Activities) module for up-to-date schedules
and guest preferences and alerts.

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The aim is to streamline the first step of the spa journey for both guests and staff
Shiji to sell CSS in China

Concept Software Systems’ (CSS) prod- ucts are to be sold across China following an agreement with the Shiji Corporation.

Under the contract, Shiji Information Technology will market and sell CSS’ software – which includes the Concept Spa & Leisure System – in the country.
CSS and Shiji have previously worked together to supply Chinese hotel chains such as Peninsula, Shangri-La and Lang- ham. Additionally, CSS products are already translated into the Chinese language.

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Jason Holland is the product editor of Spa Business
Tel: +44 1462 471922 jasonholland@ spabusiness.com

Originally published in Spa Business 2014 issue 3

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