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Attractions Management
2013 issue 4

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Leisure Management - IAAPA 2013

Show preview

IAAPA 2013

The annual attractions expo takes place in Orlando from 18-22 November. We talk to some of the exhibitors to see what new attractions and technology will be on show

Kath Hudson

HoloVis, Barco and projectiondesign

HoloVis will be showcasing MotionDome, which is an immersive, interactive 2D and 3D platform.

The team at Holovis has worked with visualisation experts Barco and projectiondesign, to create the experience in which audiences are fully surrounded by 180° projection. MD of HoloVis, Stuart Hetherington, says: “We wanted to utilise the expertise we have in other sectors, such as high end military simulation and training, real time visualisation from the technology industry and true immersion from the science sector, to take storytelling to the next level.”


MotionDome draws on technology from the military and science industries
Huss Park Attractions

Huss is introducing the new ride concept, the Explorer. Guests are seated in a 12m diameter, circular gondola which gives unrestricted views of a surround screen. A seamless 360° multi-projector film format delivers immersive, high definition content, unique to each installation.

 A wide range of environments can be created: beneath the sea; in space; or some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. The content can also be created as CGI, live action or a composition of both.

 The second generation Condor is also being re-introduced with a new improved ride design. The ride involves a number of two-person gondolas swinging, rotating and reaching a height of 26m (85ft). Two Condor contracts have been concluded with Chinese clients for a delivery next year.


The Condor ride is being upgraded

WhiteWater has recently completed the first installation of the Boomerango™ and Manta™ in August, at Nagashima Resort, Japan. Combining the thrills of two rides, the journey begins with the classic sensation of rafting, leading into a screaming, velocity-building drop that launches riders up the Boomerango wall, making them feel as though they’re “going vertical”, then weightless, while getting a bird’s eye view of what’s coming next. With barely time to catch their breath, they’re racing across a flat section, propelling them into the rushing waters of the Manta.

Riders experience a velocity-building drop
Jack Rouse

Jack Rouse completed work on the new improved Crayola Experience in Easton, PA, in May this year. Spanning four floors, it has 21 new attractions to allow kids to explore art, technology and their creativity, such as creating your own clear barrel marker and fashioning their own crayon label.

 Clara Rice, director digital engagement at Jack Rouse, predicts people will be talking about new technology, protecting international property and the state of the economic recovery at this year’s show.


The Crayola Experience has 21 new attractions where kids can explore art and technology

Sally will be profiling two major interactive, multi media-based dark rides. Justice League: Alien Invasion 3D – which is in situ at Warner Bros Movie World on Australia ‘s Gold Coast – is the first-ever dark ride to feature Superman, Batman, Super Woman and the other Justice League members. It features the first use of interactive 3D screens, blended with interactive physical sets, scenery and animatronics, together with numerous special effects.  

The second is Zombie Apocalypse. Blending realistic, reactive 3D media with physical sets, animatronics and SPFX, this 18,000sq ft (1,672sq m) ride takes guests on a true horror adventure, where motion base vehicles tilt, turn and brake to add to the thrills.


Riders meet their superheroes in ‘Justice League: Alien Invasion 3D’ on the Gold Coast
International Play Co

IPlayCo will be featuring its turn-key services including playground branding, games and events development systems. Products include themed play, dramatic play, sports attractions, interactive components, Tuff Stuff areas and climbing walls.

The company offers multiple product design/build solutions, as well as operations, marketing and customer service systems to help clients build a business model.

Kathleen Kuryliw, marketing coordinator at IPlayCo, says show attendees will be looking at how to compete with other FECs and theme parks for the entertainment dollar in an uncertain economy. New ways to draw in customers and keep the venue fresh will be important to all of the operators.


IPlayCo offers games and branding
Neptune Benson

Neptune-Benson will be profiling the Defender® aquatic filtration system and the Defender Assero® aquatic filtration system, which remove over 99.9 per cent of Crypto in a single pass and can remove particles down to one micron or less. Defender® is proven to save money on water and waste; fuel and chemicals; footprint, electricity and equipment maintenance. To date more than 1,000 Defender® filters have been installed in more than 16 countries.

 “Waterparks are getting larger and using more water and power to run the growing attractions. If you don’t optimise your equipment in the back room, your money is wasted and these costs will only increase over time,” says Jill Bibby, Neptune-Benson’s head of marketing.


Defender is a new filtration product
Propel Technology

Motion simulation company Cruden will be launching its new powerboat simulator. This is the first Cruden simulator to offer interaction for three guests at once. The guest to the right of the driver controls the throttle; the person on the left is the navigator. Depending on customer requirement, the simulator can be switched to race car mode. Cruden has spent hours with the Dutch military on its fast interceptor vessels and security boats to get the motion right.

On the stand, guests will be able to drive a dual engine P1 powerboat or a fast interceptor military vessel boat in the open cockpit Hexatech 3CTR (three-seater) simulator.

Cruden also offers a race car simulator, but the power boat simulator is available at a lower cost, because it only requires two DOF, instead of six.


Cruden spent time with the Dutch military to get its powerboat simulation just right
The Hettema Group

Ride designers and producers, The Hettema Group, recently completed installation of an interactive, game-based dark ride in Lotte World, Dragons Wild Shooting, along with a number of other exhibitors: Garner Holt, Lexington, TechMD, ETF, Alterface and Pure Imaginations.

“We’re all looking forward to seeing what’s new on the show floor, as well as connecting with old friends and partners,” says the Hettema Group’s Lisa Welsch.


Hettema’s latest install is at Lotte World

OmniTicket Network will be focusing on its mobiles solutions, including its iPhone app, new mobile optimised websites and RFID stored value solutions, which enable the use of RFID enabled wristbands and tickets throughout an attraction to pay for admission, products, food and beverage. The company will also be showing its Interactive Turnstile Transformer, which transforms turnstiles, counters or desktops into a dynamic access control solution, with a range of options on offer including a barcode scanner, magnetic swipe reader and a biometric reader. 


Picsolve will be demonstrating its award-winning product range, including Ride Photography & Video, Waterpark Photography and immersive Green Screen Technology, as well as showcasing the digital product suite for the first time.

Guests will have the opportunity to demo the new Picsolve mobile app and experience the GSX digital solution, enabling clients to provide customers with fully integrated and seamless purchasing.

Since winning Best New Product at the 2012 IAAPA Brass Rings Awards, Picsolve has launched GSX to video at Warner Bros Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter. The product pipeline includes many more planned GSX to video installations with several key global partners and industry leaders.


Picsolve has launched GSX to video at Warner Bros Studio Tour in the UK
The Juice

After a successful soft launch at the EAS show, The Juice will be officially launching the new Mapped Dark Ride, which combines 3D/4D film, theming, special effects, sound and lighting and can be easily transformed from a Halloween ride to a Christmas or a summer ride at the flick of a switch.

“This system enables clients to work within their own client demographic according to their audience on the day or to take advantage of special events without additional expense,” says Pauline Quayle, The Juice’s director. New branded films available for next season’s rides will also be unveiled.


Theming is changed by flicking a switch

Alterface will be showcasing its compact interactive dark ride concept, GameRide. It has four 3D screens in 3D and two interactive theming zones, which use exclusive solution, mixing interactivity and video projection mapping on the scenery.

 Life size interactive theming from the ride will be on display, with the real guns and real décor. During the experience, props come to life and react to the shooting. Lights and sounds reinforce the story. Retheming and new content can be easily added to add to the longevity of the ride and improve the ROI.

 African Magic is the film being shown, which takes players on safari through the jungle with exotic animals, a tribal village and the savannah, with a final fight against ivory looters in an elephant cemetery.


Alterface’s new dark ride can easily be rethemed and added to for greater longevity

Originally published in Attractions Management 2013 issue 4

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